Smog has been a consistent and growing problem in China

China orders insurance companies to stop compensating smog victims

Barely a week after the reports of dangerously high levels of smog in China hit the headlines across the world, authorities have made a bizarre attempt at damage-control. It has now been reported that lawmakers in the country have ordered the two largest insurers in China to stop selling their policies. The directive comes just a week after the policies[Read More…]

Smog has been reported in some areas of London

London smog contributing to health problems and death in the city

Much has been reported about the smog that is negatively impacting the health of millions of people in China. However, the problem has also been seen in London. A recent study has revealed that London is currently experiencing ‘very high’ air pollution levels, reaching ’10′ on the government’s score of 1-10. This has been caused by a combination of high[Read More…]

Fracking linked to nuclear waste in drinking water

Fracking linked to nuclear waste in drinking water

An energy company has been stopped from fracking in Lancashire because of the levels of radioactive waste that would be produced from its fracking. Energy company Cuadrilla has withdrawn applications for permits to frack in the region after Environment Agency (EA) said it would not grant a radioactive substances permit until it was sure the water will be disposed of[Read More…]

Food packaging has been found to contain toxic chemicals

Toxic chemicals found in packaging

There have been recent reports of toxic chemicals found in food packaging that can pose a long-term health risk to all consumers. Unbeknownst to millions, they are putting themselves at risk of a number of diseases ranging from cancer to diabetes. Scientists told the Daily Express, “A range of chemicals are leaking from containers into food and drink. Although it[Read More…]

Experts admit attempting to eradicate blue skies with chemtrails

Experts admit attempting to eradicate blue skies with chemtrails

Experts have admitted plans to spray the skies with sulphate aerosols in order to change the climate, it has emerged. Ben Kravitz of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Stanford, California claims that scientists are attempting to tackle global warming by covering the skies with the chemicals. He says that this would reflect more sun away from Earth and cool[Read More…]