Esther Okada

Ten year old maths prodigy studies for undergraduate degree

On the face of it, Esther Okade is an ordinary ten year old girl, who loves playing with her dolls and watching Disney films. However, what sets Esther apart from all the rest is she is also a university undergraduate after starting a degree at the age of ten. This makes Esther one of the UK’s youngest undergraduate students. She[Read More...]

Monsanto vs. Organic

Monsanto vs. Organic

Finally people seem to be waking up to the reality of how big corporations are controlling what we eat and have started to refuse to eat the processed muck that comes out of our industrial plants. In recent months it has been reported that there is now a shift towards organic food, and consumers are now seeking more health-conscious alternatives.[Read More...]

Jamal pictured with police officers, after saving Officer  Franklin Foulks

Handcuffed teen saves officers life when he collapses from heart attack

A new video has surfaced of a Florida teen who helped to save a policeman’s life, while handcuffed in a police station. The CCTV footage shows Jamal Rutledge kicking the security fence and screaming to alert other officers that their colleague was ill when the arresting officer Franklin Foulks fell to the ground. Rutledge had been charged with criminal mischief[Read More...]

White Helmet volunteers in Syria have helped to reduce the death toll by rescuing citizens

Syrian volunteers risk lives to assist fellow citizens

A group of volunteers made up of ordinary men and women have launched a new project aimed at creating more peace in Syria, and rescuing victims of the ongoing conflict in the region. Some 250 volunteers form part of the White Helmets Civil Defence team- a number that rises monthly. They regularly rescue survivors trapped under the rubble of the[Read More...]

NATO announces end to combat missions in Afghanistan

NATO announces end to combat missions in Afghanistan

NATO has formally ended its combat missions in Afghanistan which leaves the Afghan army and police in charge of maintaining security within the country. Instead they claim that NATO troops will be moving into a role that provides more training and support to the army and police forces. The ending of the NATO combat mission may mean that Afghanistan might[Read More...]