Ron Wydall

NSA spy program sparks outrage among campaigners

The US government has persisted with efforts to spy on every single, man woman and child in the America despite widespread opposition. According to mainstream press reports, a “top secret” document has revealed that under the Obama administration, the National Security Agency (NSA) has requested the details of every single phone record made both in the US and outside of[Read More…]

Police plan to gas  New York subways

Police plan to gas New York subways

Police authorities in the US have announced plans to fill the New York subways with colourless gas, in a mock-terror drill. A recent announcement by the NYPD revealed that the force intends to release a “harmless” gas into the subway over three consecutive days in July. They claim that their aim is to test New York’s readiness to handle a[Read More…]

Police brutality sparks anger in the US

Police brutality sparks anger in the US

Police have come under fire in the US following shocking reports of police brutality, it has emerged. In one incident, a 14 year-old African-American child was tackled violently to the floor by armed police, after one of the officers perceived that he gave them a “dehumanising stare” while he was out walking with his puppy. Tremaine McMillan says he was[Read More…]

Wayne Chandler

Can Qigong change your world?

Is it possible to change your circumstances and worldview by practicing Qigong? According to Wayne Chandler, who is an author, martial artist, motivational speaker and photo journalist, not only is it possible to change your life through the cultivation of energy practices such as Qigong, but it can also boost your health and wellbeing too. Mr Chandler is best known[Read More…]

Malcolm Shabazz

Questions emerge over death of Malcolm X’s grandson

The grandson of the civil rights activist Malcolm X has been found dead after being brutally murdered in Mexico it has been reported. Two men have been arrested by Mexican authorities suspected of the murder of 28 year-old Malcolm Shabazz, after it was reported in the media that he died following a brawl in a Mexican nightclub over a bill.[Read More…]