The effectiveness of sunscreen lotions has been called into question

Sunscreen lotions under the spotlight

  A Cochrane review has published the results of its findings of a study that attempted to determine how effective sunscreen was in preventing skin cancer. There wasn’t much data on the topic to be found, so the review includes the results of just one study, which compared the daily application of sunscreen with the occasional use of sunscreen over[Read More...]

UN shines the spotlight on VIP child abuse

UN shines the spotlight on VIP child abuse

Children are not safe in Britain and those who perpetuate abuse against them are regularly evading jail, according to a new report. Research published by the UN revealed that professional and business status abusers -many with connections to charities abroad – are able to operate with impunity and without fear of arrest. The report also showed that there is a[Read More...]

Bizarre human sacrifice ritual filmed at CERN laboratory

Bizarre human sacrifice ritual filmed at CERN laboratory

A human sacrifice ritual has been caught on camera on a campus owned by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). The bizarre mock human sacrifice shows individuals in black cloaks gathering in a main square at Europe’s top physics lab, in what appears to be an occult ceremony. During the strange proceedings, the participants stage a re-enactment of a[Read More...]

Paul Ceglia, 43

Facebook ‘co-founder’ on the run after alleging CIA plot to kill him

One of the co-founders of Facebook is on the run after going public with claims that the CIA were involved with the creation of the social media site. Paul Ceglia, 43, disappeared while under house arrest and claimed that the CIA have tried to kill him. He went on the run with his wife Lasia, two teen sons and their[Read More...]

Taj Patterson

Hasidic Jewish men avoid jail after brutal beating of black man

Two Hasidic Jewish men who admitted to brutally beating up and blinding a gay, black man in New York City have been spared jail. Instead they were sentenced to 150 hours community sentence and only had to pay $1,400 to the victim in compensation. Fashion student Taj Patterson has been left permanently blind in his right eye after being set[Read More...]