Daniel Shaver was fatally shot dead by police

Unarmed father shot by police

An unarmed father has been filmed begging for his life, just moments before he was shot by police in Texas. The officer in question was later identified as Philip ‘Mitch’ Brailsford and has since been terminated from Mesa Police Department and charged with second-degree murder after fatally shooting Daniel Shaver. The Mesa Police Department released information from its investigation of[Read More...]

Lord Janner

Case against Lord Janner dropped despite “overwhelming evidence”

The sex abuse proceedings against Lord Janner has been dropped, it has been reported. Victims of the late Labour Peer have condemned the decision to stop the investigations into the case. The Labour MP was charged with 22 offences against nine boys and men dating back to the 1960s while he was alive. However, he never actually stood trial for it because[Read More...]

Elizabeth E. Coker

Texas judge resigns after reports she unlawfully helped prosecutors to win convictions

A judge has unwittingly helped to uncover the shambolic nature of the US justice system after she was court texting advice to prosecutors to help them to win convictions. Texas district Judge Elizabeth E. Coker is now reported to have resigned after sending text messages to prosecutors with suggestions on questions to ask in court in order to secure a[Read More...]

Lisa Mearkle

Video shows cop repeatedly shooting unarmed man in the head

 A cop who was filmed shooting an unarmed elderly man who was lying face down on the ground has been acquitted of murder. Officer Lisa Mearkle of the Hummelstown Borough Police Department in Pennsylvania was found not guilty of criminal homicide for the shooting death of 59-year-old David Kassick on February 2. She had attempted to pull Kassick over for[Read More...]

Aristocrat unveils the extent of sexual abuse at Eton

Aristocrat unveils the extent of sexual abuse at Eton

An aristocrat has helped to shed light on the extent of rape and sexual abuse in the exclusive public school, Eton. Robert Montagu, the son of the 10th Earl of Sandwich described how he stopped a young boy at the school from committing suicide after he was raped by two prefects. In fact, he was so concerned for the young[Read More...]