Christian Høibø

Police spies wreak havoc among peaceful protest groups in Europe

A police infiltrator has broken his cover and spoken out about his role in breaking up social movements which were working towards political change. The undercover agent goes by the name of Christian Høibø, and recently hit the headlines after he was exposed as a spy who infiltrated several progressive groups during the course of his career. Høibø says he[Read More…]

Brits demand more privacy over personal information

Brits demand more privacy over personal information

The public has urged lawmakers to do more to protect their privacy online, it has been reported. Recent research has revealed that nearly 68 per cent of people are concerned about their privacy, while 66 per cent of the British public say that national regulators should be doing more to force Google to comply with existing European directives on privacy[Read More…]

Mentally ill targeted in pre-crime hit list

Mentally ill targeted in pre-crime hit list

Cops in New York have started a new drive to round up mentally ill people in the city before they have committed crimes, it has been emerged. According to new information uncovered by the New York Post, police are drawing up a hit list of people with mental health disabilities in a bid to get them off of the streets.[Read More…]

Bernard Hogan-Howe

Police chief calls for mandatory drug testing

Met police chief Bernard Hogan-Howe has called for mandatory drug testing of all workers, it has been revealed. In a recent speech made to an all-parliamentary group on cannabis and children, the Met police commissioner called for mandatory drug testing to be implemented in workplaces across the country, particularly for those in the teaching or nursing professions. Under the proposed[Read More…]

Patrick Lynch

Disabled man sues government after bungled ATOS examination

A disabled man has launched a court case against ATOS after he was wrongly found fit for work under the government’s disability assessment scheme. Patrick Lynch, a former social care worker was forced to quit his job because of a brain condition which needed surgery. He is suing both the government and ATOS over the benefits test, after being wrongly[Read More…]