Obama signed the  HR 933 legislation into law which gives Monsanto legal accountability

Monsanto granted immunity from legal accountability

Monsanto has been made immune from the law after legislation was passed which effectively removes the food giant from any corporate responsibility. Section 735 of the HR 933 legislation has been dubbed the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ after the government effectively banned federal courts from being able to halt the sale of genetically modified (GM) or genetically engineered (GE) foods, even[Read More…]

Jimmy Tarbuck

Jimmy Tarbuck case highlights concerns over secret arrests

From the people that brought you secret courts…please welcome to the stage..secret arrests. Sounds like the header for a bad comedy doesn’t it? But this latest scandal over Jimmy Tarbuck has proved to be no laughing matter. Less than a week after UK MPs effectively voted away the right to fair trial in Britain by paving the way for secret[Read More…]

How daisies can help treat sports injuries

How daisies can help treat sports injuries

Anyone who has ever taken part in a sport knows how painful sports injuries can be. There is nothing worse than playing a game of football on a warm afternoon, only to fall over or be tackled to the ground and painfully twist an ankle. Not only are sports injuries painful, they can also result in swelling, broken bones and[Read More…]

The year has been fraught with difficulties for Hollande

The nightmare continues for Hollande

Francois Hollande, France’s president was elected on 6th May 2012, after France voted yes for change, under a banner of red, white and blue, in the backdrop of a spectacular pop concert and champagne festivities. At that time the French people were getting increasingly tired of the UMP party. They had been the main dominant party in French politics for[Read More…]

Secret court hits headlines after raiding family assets

Secret court hits headlines after raiding family assets

Secret courts have carried out raids on the homes of British people all over the UK whilst seizing family assets it has been revealed. The Court of Protection is currently in control of £2 billion worth of assets belonging to thousands of elderly and vulnerable people in the country. The interest rate – currently much less than they would receive[Read More…]