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The government has unveiled plans to ban anyone who criticises it from appearing on TV or protesting.

Under the guise of protecting the public from ‘extremism’ the government proposal will allow police to vet the social media activity of “harmful” individuals and curb their right to speak at public events.

The maximum sentence could be up to 10 years in prison for breaking a banning order.

These new plans would also promise greater powers for British police to access internet data.

Targeted individuals will also be barred from certain public spaces and from associating with named people. The plans were unveiled by Theresa May at the Conservative Party Conference and reiterated by David Cameron, in his speech on ‘extremism’.

So who is included under this new definition of extremists? Are we just talking about people who allegedly bomb buildings?

Well, according to David Cameron, the law will target “non-violent conspiracy theorists” who he claims are just as dangerous as the ISIS terrorists and must therefore, be eradicated.

He referenced 9/11 and 7/7 Truthers as examples of the type of extremism that must be dealt in a similar fashion to ISIS.

Such individuals are deemed to be a threat to “the functioning of democracy.”

Furthermore, the Home Office claimed that the government’s “counter-extremism” strategy would encompass “the full spectrum of extremism”.

In other words, you no longer have to be violent or cause harm to another to be declared a terrorist. David Cameron has announced that even those with views that are not accepted by the government will now be deemed extremists.

In addition, police curbing orders would also target those who undertake activities “for the purpose of overthrowing democracy,” a broad definition that could encompass political activists of varying views.

Radical Muslims and far-right organisations would also be classified as terrorists.

As the law currently stands, organisations can only be banned if there is evidence of links to terrorism.

Under the new law, and according to David Cameron’s own definition, anyone who criticises the functioning of the government or the official version of events could be subject to laws which severely restrict their freedom of speech and movement. Theresa May also stressed that you do not necessarily have to have committed a crime to be subject to these new orders.

Announcing these draconian new measures, Mr Cameron added: “The problem that we have had is this distinction of saying we will only go after you if you are an extremist that directly supports violence.”

In addition, those who become the target of government intervention would also be prevented from holding positions of authority in local communities and schools.

Enhanced powers will allow the Charity Commission to close down groups deemed to be fronts for “extremist activity” as a means of tackling funding streams.

The law is part of a series of new measures that effectively ban the right to free speech in this country.

Earlier this year, the Akashic Times reported on how Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) laws targeted individuals who they claim pose a direct threat to VIPs including the Prime Minister, the Cabinet and the Royal Family.

 It was given sweeping powers to check more than 10,000 suspects’ files to identify mentally unstable potential “killers and stalkers” with a fixation against public figures.

The team’s psychiatrists and psychologists then have the power to order treatment – including forcibly detaining suspects in secure psychiatric units.

The law targeted activists who were the most vocal about criticising the Royal Family. Activist David Compan was imprisoned without charges in a London mental hospital after he publicly associated himself with the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCC) campaign to hold the Crown of England responsible for crimes against children.

He was only released after eight days of campaigning by the ITCC.

Last year, the Justice and Security Act gave the government sweeping new powers to imprison British citizens without a trial.

 It prevents those accused by the government from seeing the evidence against them, or the witness testimony against them. The individual concerned would also be unable to submit evidence – or even enter the courtroom, if it is deemed to be in the court’s interests. In fact, the court will not even have to inform the person concerned of why they have been taken to court, or even that a trial is taking place.

It could mean that the first a person hears of a case against them, is when the police turn up to take them to jail to begin their sentence.

The government claim that secrecy is necessary for “the interests of national security” and added that protection was needed for witnesses involved in giving evidence against the accused.

This latest move, announced by Cameron, represents yet another goose-step into tyranny by a government determined to shy away from any criticism.


Would the government really do this? I hear this question asked all the time with some of the stories we cover at the Akashic Times.

In his speech, David Cameron states that although some ‘conspiratorial’ world views may not be acts of terrorism themselves, they could potentially be used as a justification for it.

He goes on to say that the only way therefore to defeat terrorism, is to deal with all forms of it – “not just violent extremism”.

In other words, those who share that world view could be inciting terrorism. I have included the speech made by Cameron here. This is best listened to in full, as it gives a broad picture.

His comments are then further confirmed by Theresa May, who was interviewed by the BBC. She confirms that crucially the law target those people who have not actually committed a crime, but could be ‘inciting’ hatred and therefore may be used for terrorism. That is a very broad definition under UK law.

Essentially what you have is the introduction of a law that targets anyone whose views are considered unsavoury and unacceptable. Under the current law, a crime has to be committed before any action was taken.

Under this new law, that does not have to be the case. It all rests upon the fact that many of these terrorists have been indoctrinated into anti-government views and conspiracy theories such as 9/11 and 7/7 being “a false flag”. This was reiterated by David Cameron in his UN speech. Therefore, anyone who shares and talks about those views, must by defacto also be a terrorist – again highlighted by David Cameron.

Here he also talks about defeating the “ideology of terrorism” and defeating that ideology in all of its forms. This includes the ideology of conspiracy theories. It has to be said there are some weird and offensive conspiracy theories out there that are not based on fact. But if this theory is by the government’s own admission non-violent, then why criminalise it? Particularly, if those who hold such views are not proven members of any terrorist group or organisation.

Finally he admits that although it is argued that it clamps down on free speech, it is necessary to stop the spread of terrorism.

This is a very dangerous leap. For example, if some of those terrorists happened to be socialists, does that mean that anyone else who is also socialist, is a terrorist?

In his speech, David Cameron states that such world views may not be acts of terrorism themselves, but could potentially be used as a justification for it.

After that, he explains that the only way therefore to defeat terrorism, is to deal with all forms of it – “not just violent extremism”.

However, these are not the only laws that have been introduced to restrict freedom of speech and liberty. Below, we have covered some of the other  main pieces of legislation that will have a major impact on human rights law and justice in the UK.

Secret courts (not just in family cases)

FTAC laws

Human rights

Tell us what you think of all of these laws and pieces of legislation in the comments below:

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  1. 0
    Our country is being deliberately destroyed to usher in Santan’s,,, NWO…
  2. Rodney Wilson says:
    David Cameron sounds like a dangerous extremist!
  3. Richard Zahler says:
    If this is true then we are now living in a FASCIST state! Can’t help thinking that dear Jeremy Corbyn is now an extremist in David Cameron and Theresa May’s book! Shocking stuff.
  4. 3
    Good article. It cannot be circulated too widely. The public must be awakened to this latest danger coming from government. We are already well on our way to becoming a fascist police state where the government is effectively empowered to do what it wants or likes to individuals it chooses for whatever reason. The population has been so dumbed down it appears not to realise or care and the media is completely complicit. Only when all is in place will they realise too late what mechanisms have been put in place to stem dissent or the power to resist whatever a few wish to implement. The secret is to make only small steps and not operate until all is in place or the circumstances demand it. This is yet a further measure to prevent the criminal truth getting out and to enable lies to be told without opposition. It is nothing short of an attack on enshrined principles of English freedom which linked to moves to create 2000 armed police officers in London all based on a fabricated and orchestrated ISIS risk, constitutes the greatest threat to English liberties ever known.
  5. Planet Autism says:
    This is horrific. We have to make a stand to not allow this to happen. It’s Orwellian. I cannot believe what I am reading. extremism ɪkˈstriːmɪz(ə)m,ɛk-/ noun noun: extremism; plural noun: extremisms the holding of extreme political or religious views; fanaticism. “the dangers of religious extremism” synonyms: fanaticism, radicalism, zealotry, zeal, fundamentalism, dogmatism, bigotry, militancy, activism; More So how does conspiracy theory fit extremism? Anyone looking for an alternative view to the party line is a target. No, no and no again. This has to be stopped.
  6. 1
    Ya. Sure Cameron. “Extremists” will be targeted… I might start seeing you more positively if you actually do something about the real twats like Britain First, fucking Ham-faced cunt…
  7. Deborah Mahmoudieh (@veganicvibez) says:
    Stand up for the child rights – it’s time to remove the paedophile murderers from office;
  8. 22
    Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely !
  9. Callum mcgonigal says:
    David Cameron how’s this for freedom of speach GO FUCK YOUR SELF YOU INCAPABLE WANK
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  11. 34
    Our country is being deliberately destroyed to usher in Santan’s,,, NWO…
  12. 17
    It is becoming increasingly difficult to see who are the extremeists. Propose a solution of white hats and black hats!
  13. 61
    Remember when the Tories were making no attempt at a peace plan in Northern Ireland, putting us all in danger, and dubbed out Sinn Fein member voices on the TV so we couldn’t hear the whole story. When I was studying law, it said in all the theories that make up our legal system that no government can bring in any law or policy that the majority don’t agree with, as if most don’t obey or revolt, then it would bring an end to that government. Scenes of the last Tory government, when they were using the police as their personal army against the people, show desperate attempts of an undemocratic government.
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  15. Jamie Bellsmith says:
    Any sources for this tripe? I can’t believe this dumb storie is still doing the rounds and idiots keep posting it on my FB page. Come on Akashic – where are your sources for this bollocks? No doubt all the lefty commies below have swallowed it up left right and centre. your all so pathetic. But im not surprised For once this country gets one of the best prime ministers this country has ever seen since Winston Churchill. Ok, ok, so hes not perfect, still a bit politically correct in my opinion, but he’s cut the benefit gravy train, curbed immigration to an extent and tells it like it is. Under Cameron, all of the rot about expenses and Rotherham child abuse has come out, and he is not afraid to go against the grain, and tell it like it is, regardless of what establishment figures think. He is also one of the few PMs to travel by train!! Now, personally Id prefer UKIP or BNP anyday, they are a little bit mroe to the point, but I cant fault David for trying, and hes better than B-liar for goodness sakes! and all you morons and the “Akashic times” can do is whinge and complain about your uman rights. i saw on the Daily Mail the other day, another terrorist immigrant executing non-muslims refusing to convert to shariah law. And we still letting them in this country!!!!! And to top it all off, we got you fakers, wanna-be-witty jokers below signing up to the bull in this left rag and probably no doubt a few guardian dickheads among you, or god forbid the independent. The left is systematically trying to destroy this country cos of people like you. If i was in power, you’d have no freedom of speech like you do now, so if you don’t like this ocuntry, feel free to leave. bye bye and good riddance. that’s it from me anyway, not wasting any more time on this bs which unfortunately 33k and counting people have fallen for. rofl
    • 66
      Hi Jamie The sources for the article are in the bit where it says ‘Editor’s notes’. Admin.
    • 56
      I want to hit you in the face several times with a spatula for how stupid you are and how easy you swallow the shit that comes out of Cameron’s arse. Yep, best prime minister since Churchill. Yep. Voting for Salmond next year, maybe he can turn this shit country into the great country it is supposed to be. Please do your education in politics. Also, please double check your grammar next time.
    • Joan Edington says:
      I gave this a thumbs down after the first few paragraphs. By the time I got to the end I wasn’t sure if you’re really the fascist you sound or if your comment is one of the best bits of satire I’ve read this year.
    • Mr Marsupial says:
      You idiot…this government has borrowed MORE money then EVER before…there is now MORE immigration to this country than EVER before and denied people access to justice…take your head out from the dark place and see what is going on.
    • 2
      One of the first ones to be subject to this law I think
    • Jane Jones says:
      Jamie Bellsmith can’t spell. How can we take him seriously?
  16. Paul McClemens says:
    “The government has unveiled plans to ban anyone who criticises it from appearing on TV or protesting ….. Under the guise of protecting the public from ‘extremism’ the government proposal will allow police to vet the social media activity of “harmful” individuals and curb their right to speak at public events.” This includes conspiracy theorists and anyone that doesn’t agree with Dave… I do not fear the terrorists Dave… I do not fear the extremists Dave… I fear you Dave, I fear you and your school chums, the ones the own and run 90% of our media today. I fear them turning our country into one of panic, driven by alarmist news stories about “the terrorist next door.” Now, to get that label all he must do is non-violently protest one of your sweeping law changes. As “Such individuals are deemed to be a threat to “the functioning of democracy.” No Dave, not at all in my humble opinion, these people are one of the corner stones of a democracy, the right to protest should never, ever be taken away, even if I do not agree with what they have to say, I have the RIGHT to protest right back at them! There is a young lad in Jersey, who is right now up on terrorist charges, in our very own Royal Court, for posting an article from an online magazine to 4chan. (Yes, this was a ‘banned’ magazine’ banned by whom I’m not sure.) This lad is now a ‘terrorist, an extremist, and any other label they’d like to put on him. I would be more inclined to label him a kid, if not a doppy kid! I used to read an online book when I was a kid, I must have downloaded it 20 times from the age of about 11 to 14, it was called The Anarchists Cookbook. That same act today might have me up in court on terrorism charges. Ridiculous, I was an inquisitive child, nothing more. So i say again: I do not fear the terrorists Dave… I do not fear the extremists Dave… I fear you Dave.
  17. Amethyst WillowMoon says:
    theses morons can bite me and go pound sand, must be apart of the Muslims that are causing trouble across the globe.
  18. Claire Billips says:
    So now we are most definitely living under a dictatorship, then. Mr. Cameron, you disgust me. You are an oxygen thief, a vile excuse for a human being. I abhor you and all of your ilk. I am livid. I will not stay silent. I would rather die than let the liked of you, pompous and inflated Eton moron, dictate what I can and cannot say.
    • 4
      We have to stop this moron and show him that we will not accept or go along with his plans. We as the public have a public and legal right to free speech and we will not allow or accept dictatorship in any form
  19. 177
    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
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  22. 43
    Mr Corruption is no different than all paedo politicians!!! Hang them all!!!
    • Mitchell Annand says:
      You are literal retard. Who will hang them, the mob? Thats a worse alternative than an oppressive government… If not them then who? The government? They’re the government…
    • Annette Rigby says:
      We won’t be able to accuse them of being paedo’s once this goes through!! they will all be able to do what they want and no one will be able to complain for fear of ending up in jail!!
  23. Stephen Barraclough says:
    “..David Cameron has announced that even those with views that are not accepted by the government will now be deemed extremists..” This by the way is the MAIN NEED of a DICTATOR, ALL OPPOSITION IS BANNED, AND MADE ILLEGAL! BEST OF ALL:- IT’S NOT EVEN HIS! It is JUST ONE aspect of the rules which E.U. Commissars have TOLD HIM to put into British Law. Know what? HE HAS TO – SO HE WILL!
    • Julian Petkov says:
      Are Canada and Australia in the EU too? Cameron is nothing but an over-glorified herald of the Queen, like all other Commonwealth PMs!
  24. the_randomizer says:
    Who is this wanker, and why should people support him?
    • Stephen Barraclough says:
      He is YOUR Prime Minister. (Rather, the E.U.s British Main Stooge!)
      • -1
        The great joy of the rise of UKIP idiots is that the pro Europe lead has never looked stronger; lets have a vote our lead is growing and the more the people you they see your myths ; like did Europe stop us fighting idiot wars in Iraq or Cameron’s bonkers economic strategy etc etc ? On what are we stooges made up banana stories ?
      • Julian Petkov says:
        “the E.U.s British Main Stooge!” No he is not. He is an over-glorified herald of the Queen, like all other Commonwealth PMs!
  25. 55
    It seems to be very worrying developments. We must all stand up for free speech before it is eradicated. If we don’t oppose these laws now then it will be a slippery slope. We have always had human rights in this country, that’s what makes us British. Unfortunately,it seems as though a misguided approach to terrorism is creating a situation where the terrorists have essentially won, and we lose essential freedoms as a result. Anyone who cares about their rights as a human being should rightly be concerned by the government’s current strategy. While I do not subscribe to any conspiracy theories or scaremongering, we must certainly ensure that there is a careful balance between apprehending criminals and protecting our human rights. That’s my two cents anyway
    • Stephen Barraclough says:
      So vote UKIP to GET OUT! No-one else will do it for you!
      • 46
        UKIP? Are you serious? They are a moronic xenophobic copy of the tories. Stephen, try putting down your prejudices and thinking for yourself. UKIP, or as they should be known English Independence Party since they do not in ANY WAY represent Scottish, Welsh or N Irish interests or values, have no policies beyond continuing the tory work of stripping the NHS you get your methadone from, exiting the EU and banning immigration. If you are dumb enough to support these right-wing closet neo-nazis then when they come for you, you’re on your own.
  26. -9
    I understand people of all creeds colours religions have different lives and ways of living yes But when islam will slay you for not converting to islam or you convert to islam then want to live a different life and leave they will kill you this is in a book they read 6 times a day i do not hate them or anyone but they hate everyone who does not conform to their will but I will hate them if they impose their law upon me. I do not read a book 6 times a day reading and interpreting things then imposing what I think it says and following like a sheep ready to have its throat slit it is not racism its called religious confomrity to their will or leave this world through their deeds This is what the problem is they have the money and desire and capabilities from oil, help from the cia ect to cause this cahos orchestrated by maybe others They have played into their games just as much as everyone else has but the organ grinder is playing with the worlds safe being for greed and control there is no such thing as racism just name calling I am going to run off and tell you called me a name who makes the money when you are fined who makes money when a war is started when a different religion/colour is called please sir mister policeman/court/government its sticks and bones
    • Samantha Lyndsey says:
      Think you misunderstood the story there. The fact remains if we let the government take the rights away from so-called “terrorists” just because they look different or worship a different religion we open ourselves up to the same problem. the human rights of ALL must be protected. as long as they are doing no harm – and most muslims are not. and muslims do not “make money” from war lol
    • 13
      Learn your history..convert or die was practised by christians all around the world..christians have been killing in the name of their god for centuries..even before the muslim faith existed..these “im not a racist”..are either plain ignorent or just closet racists..
      • 7
        i really do wish that people would stop that saying that a dislike of Islam is racist. Islam is not a race it is a religion. By all means call someone Islamaphobic if you must, but it has nothing to do with race. There are after all white Americans, British and European Muslins who are not classified by their country of origin or the colour of their skin they are classified as Muslins, and yet if someone says they hate them (because they hate all Muslims) they are called racist. This is not a trivial point because non-Muslims then begin to think of Muslims as “foreign” and ” other than us” which is quite wrong.
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  28. Jamie Bellsmith says:
    Take this fucking story down NOW!! It is scaremongering bullshit. Look at all you bunch of lefty whiners! Bet you read other lefty papers like the fucking Guardian or BBC nonce fest. Sorry but after 13 years of mismangement by Labour we need something to deter the fucking bearded jihadists. This country has gone down the fucking drain. It no longer looks like the white, and relatively peaceful country it used to be. You got ISIS terrorists beheading people on the tsreets of North London and politically correct wankers thinking they can slander anybody they like and get away with it. Never mind the facts eh? FACT: The government is not banning “free speech”. They are banning ISIIS terrorists and all their commie sympathisers from spewing their garbage FACT: The government has our best interests at heart – despite what the “Akashic Times” says lollol FACT: W e need MORE laws not less to stop the bullshit tide of wankers and migrants from running this country into the drain FACT: This is by far the best, most transparent government we ever had, and beats Lie-bore any day of the week. FACT: Believe it or not the government do not wear hooded cloaks and they are not “out to get you”. They are simply doing the best they can and if I spotted David Cameron down the pub I’d buy the man a drink any day. The man is a fucking hero and most of you wankers don’t DESERVE free speech. I hope they lock you up, I really do. If they don;t then I’d say the government are being fucking negligent. Nobody should really be able to criticise the current government anyday as they are the only people that care about this country They are the ONLY government to stop corruption and keep MPs in line. Better than the wet pants Lib dems and fucking new-nonce-Labour. God give me stregnth what is it with you people. Retards. FACT: The Akashic Timnes isn’t a newspaper. I said it once and i’ll say it again for the hard of hearing: READ A PROPER FUCKING PAPER. Why do you think the Sun came out in support of the Tories ages ago? Why? Cos they are a proper fucking intelligent newspaper unlike this wishy washy rag. You want something more highbrow? Try the Mail or the Telegraph. Not this “news-paper”. There’s only one party that could do better than the Tories and that is UKIP. They put ut alot of good info too, as does the BNP. Stop reading left-wing piss rags, grow a pair of balls and learn to think for yourselves. Oh and the “truthdoctrine” hahahahahaha You are truly pathetic. Let me guess: you are one of them “troofers” right. haha take off the tinfoil hat mate, it doesn’t suit ya LOL. Probably an swp supporter too you fucking wanker
    • 42
      You’re a delusional idiot. Cameron is a neocon – a corporate communist and a Bolshevik Jew Marxist – he works for the Rothschilds – they all work for the Rothschilds. There’s no remedy for the people in politics.
    • 54
      Lol you lost any credibility at ‘FACT: The government has our best interests at heart’ BRWHAHAHAHA What a tool XD
    • 56
      Jamie – I’m afraid we will not be taking the story down. The whole purpose of publishing articles like these is to bring these important issues to light, as so many others have pointed out. Clearly you disagree with its pretext, and that is your opinion. However, I dispute the fact that the article written by Janine, is scaremongering. It simply outlines the facts and allows the readership to make their own minds up. You mention the Sun and the Mail. Whilst it is true that they have a much bigger readership than we do here at the Akashic Times, the whole point of what we do is to distinguish ourselves from the mainstream press. We also try to highlight some of the issues we have with the way certain stories are presented by the national media – including some of the names you mentioned. I would invite you to conduct some investigative research on the issues presented here and listen to Theresa May’s and David Cameron’s speech in full. Then perhaps you should do some further analysis of the laws that are currently being introduced and the impact it could have on free speech in this country. You will ofcourse be aware that much of the problem could stem from the way laws or phrases are presented. Take the word “terrorist” for example. Over the years, it has been expanded to encompass a whole range of different views and insights. These new laws will only serve to exacerbate that. It is certainly an eye-opener.
      • Jamie Bellsmith says:
        awww spare me! you’re anti-government, therefore a terrorist. now THAT’s an eye-opener. You and all the other commies
      • 17
        Jamie Demands this taken down forgetting this is your freedom of speech. He doesen’t like hat he sees since he shows how bad the right wind tories are and wants it gone. This is exactly what the govenment will do and jamie im sorry to say, your brainwashed mate
    • Mike Williams says:
      Wow what a completely uneducated ignorant f*ckwit you truly are… Please note this is probably the understatement of the century, I am not quite sure where to start, first of all you may be entitled to your own opinion but not you own facts. Had to laugh when you said they’re not after “us” used in the loosest possible term only ISIS and terrorists I’m also guessing you think we went into Iraq for WMD not as it is clear to anyone with two brain cells to rub together, Oil and contracts for the likes GW Bushs mates in construction? Or that we went into Afghan to battle the war on terror? Nothing to do with the fact the Heroin production rocketed 5 – 600%… If this government is so good as you claim why has it not reduced the deficit and before you moan on about how bad Labour was try and do some fucking research like what state was the economy in when Labour came to power after the likes of Major and Thatcher ruined are country and kickstarted the whole privatisation of public services, here is a hint “Fucking GOOGLE it”. Another thing how can you have the Gaul to even suggest people read the Rupert Murdoch Jizz mags, and then the Mail wow you must be a comedian?? I am not personally a Nazi sympathiser and would rather go with out wiping my arse than use any of you suggestions for the job although its about all their good for… But tell you what I’ll give you a chance what OTHER than leaving the EU do they stand for, how about naming 3 policies that is in their manifesto for the GE next year… Love the grow a pair of balls line and think for yourself or do you actually mean think whatever they tell you to think on their front page. Can I point out the even as a pacifist nowadays since leaving HMF over a decade ago (GCHQ) in case you ask, attitudes like yours actually make me hope for a apocalyptic event that will wipe out the likes of yourselves and those with similar views and prevent the gene pool from becoming any more contaminated. Good luck with supporting UKIP, and just to point out just because you right FACT in front of every piece of drivel doesn’t make it valid or right… Fucking muppet….
      • 2
        Thats a little bit harsh, The man is a comedy genius the likes of which I have never seen. Lets wait and see him say something else funny! I’m particularly amused by the two NAZI’s accusing each other of marxism fuhrer below (geddit) This is my new favourite site, I’m in bits!
    • -3
      Ah, an English Nationalist providing a great advert for the creed……….. Keep up the good work, mate :-)
    • 5
      I only got this far. “This country …. no longer looks like the white, and ……… it used to be. ” You racist pig.
    • 4
      This is the funniest message to date, not sure if this story is accurate and I won’t take it on face value but the Tories did try brazenly to bring back slavery just recently so I wouldn’t put it past them. Seriously mate, you’re trolling right? Some form of satire I though it was until I saw the abuse. If you want an intelligent paper for right wingers you could read the telegraph, you know the one that contains news instead of tits. I’m laughing my ass off, you sir are a comedy genius. Well done.
    • 2
      With Tory pratts like you around Its no wonder the Country is in the worst state it’s ever been in. This is all down to you Extreme Right Wing Fascists.
    • 0
      Tw@t with a staffy
  29. -13
    Most of this is bluff and scare-mongering – you should all know by now that politicians are just play ACTors who pass ACTS of Parliament. It’s all a hoax – government is a hoax – democracy is a hoax – our money (debt) is a hoax. Just stop believing in it and it will eventually go away – it has to, because it’s only miss placed beliefs that keep it in existence.
    • -22
      Who is the know-nothing numb skull idiot that marked my comment down? If these people had engaged working brains they would be seriously dangerous. LOL
      • Jamie Bellsmith says:
        Well I for one give you a thumbs down since as you are a Marxist twat (you’re not the numpty that wrote this pile of poop are ya?) LOL All of these comments goes to show how idiotic people are. Vote UKIP!!
        • 5
          As I was saying, a stupid idiot who can’t engage his brain. How can I be a Marxist when Camermoron is The Marxist? Britain is governed by Bolshevik Marxist Zionists and their boot licking political pawns and media presstitutes. Vote UKIP the numb skull moron says. ROTFL
          • -10
            Dear moderator I said Jews, not Zionists. Zionism is a smokescreen – a hoax. Bolshevik Marxism is Jewish, NOT Zionist.
          • 13
            I make an important distinction between Zionists and ordinary Jews. Blaming all Jews is a bit like blaming all blacks for Mugabe, or Obama, or blaming all Muslims for the actions of a few crazy Jihadists. The list goes on and on. It is not something that we do here at the Akashic Times. I agree with your point about Zionism and the problems it causes, but we need to be careful not to spread bias to normal, every day Jewish people, many of which *oppose* Zionism and all of those who perpetrate it.
          • -20
            I didn’t have you down for a mealy mouthed liberlised disso site, but I now know that you are – a dime a dozen. I will be briefing against you from now on.
          • 25
            Go ahead. This is not the place to spew hateful, racial supremacist ideas anyway. I blocked your last comment about Jews hating whites and Arabs for the same reason (I guess with the implication that they are colluding with black people). You are 100% correct: This is not the place for a racist and anti-Semitic agenda. Perhaps you mistook this site for Stormfront. I can assure you, you are mistaken. P.s – 3 words for you: divide and conquer. When you tar any group with the same brush, be it white, black or Jewish, because of the actions of a few (who do not even represent them) you immediately play into the hands of those that would seek to divide people. A united population is exactly what some corporate puppets fear. Ordinary people of every race, religion and creed have the same enemy. If you are poor, then those with the most power in this world do not care about you. This site is about upholding HUMAN rights, not just the rights of just one group of people. Honestly, from your comment about “evil jews” and Jamie’s comments about “minority whiners” you are both a bit lost. I abhore Zionism as much as everyone. This website has documented the atrocities committed in Palestine and elsewhere for a long time now. But to use that as an excuse to target Jewsish people and feed your prejudice against people who believe it or not, have the same concerns as you is pure folly. Remember that in the 1930s ordinary Jewish people were placed into slave labour and death camps. Read the quote at the top of this page. “Those who do not learn history, will be doomed to repeat it”. Look at the destruction and wars being created in Africa, the Caribbean, Middle East and Eastern Europe. Look at the sweeping, negative changes that have been made to the UK, mainland Europe and US and the loss of national sovereignty from the EU Clearly, this shows that anyone and everyone can be a target if they are not a globalist billionaire. If both you and Jamie Bellsmith cannot grasp those simple concepts, then you need to inform and educate yourself a bit better.
          • Jamie Bellsmith says:
            So finally you understand. This is what I have been trying to tell you all along. This is nothing but a wacko, Marxist site. the government are not out to get you – they are not clamping down on your rights. Maybe if you used a bit more commonsense instead of calling me an idiot like you did in your previous comments you would know that!! See I’m proven right. You listen to the lbour supporters and minorities on here mate you will go nuts lollol. you’ve been taken for a mug mate. we need more restrictive laws against the jihadists, ISIS and arabs, not less. it ain’t the government that is the problem, or David Cameron, it is the commies, Muslims and “others” that are the real problem. Better not say too much against *particular groups* case i get blocked haha. Thetruth doctrine – you finally realised the truth. what an idiot. hahahaha bit late though. you want the truth, read the sun or the Mail. not this commie rag.
  30. 17
    What are our MP’s supporting here. These laws can only go through with the backing of all parties. The Tories do not have a majority. So now do the people of the UK understand that their Labour MP’s support this. Do you finally realise that we already live in a totalitarian state. How many huge political demonstrations have you witnessed in the media lately.
  31. 3
    And this is supposed to defend demockracy? Jesus! Cameron is a looney! Oh, oh, they’re coming for me.Oops I live in the states but I suppose that wouldn’t stop the commies in merrie olde England from coming after me. Brits need to remove this zionist sock puppet. It’s the zionist/Bolsheviks that are pulling his strings. Britain will fall into a communist cesspool unless the people there don’t do something about it and soon. Anybody who supports Cameron and this looney idea needs to check into the nearest psychiatric ward for evaluation. This is exactly how freedom and liberty are lost: begin by restricting freedom of speech. ” They who would give essential liberty for a little safety deserve neither and shall have none.” Benj. Franklin Good luck yo all you in the Isles. You’re going to need it.
    • 9
      It is the bankers & the multinationals that Cameron backs you thick anti christian twat. He wants to make sure that the multinational devil worshiping scum can destroy our country with impunity. Your country has even less democracy than the UK, but you are even to thick to see that. We of Scotland believe in protecting our fellow Scots you selfish unholy lump of wood. You heard of the new testament where Jesus says we should look after our fellow man. Believing in a welfare state & a free health system is not communist you uneducated clown, it is a christian socialist moral belief that we look after our own. We have billions in wealth in this country yet the industries that could serve our own oil industries are sent abroad. So you thick twat is that communist to demand that it stays in Scotland first then the rest of the UK then Whats left traded out across the world. Is it wrong to keep our hospitals & public services out of the hands of greedy multinational companies.
      • Simon Parkes says:
        I think that is a bit harsh. It is true the US has draconian laws but he is correct..we are going down a slippery slope in the UK. Just look at the rigged vote in Scotland. The multinationals have alot to answer for and laws such as the one above are nothing short of creepy. Also research links to Zionism – though I would argue that both David Cameron and Obama are zionists.
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  33. -8
    Too bad the Brits gave up their right to bear arms over a bunch of panty-wetting cowards. When the government rolls tanks into your neighborhood, don’t expect to be exempted from the purge.
    • 22
      Shit. Good point. Everyone knows guns stop tanks.
    • 12
      Remember that Orwell used London for the backdrop city in 1984. Now step up to the view screen for evaluation! I feel sorry for you folks and people like Bellsmith are sadly delusional and disinformed. Once your right to free speech is taken from you then you are now in danger of every other assault on liberty and freedom and don’t believe it won’t happen.
  34. 38
    >> Well, according to David Cameron, the law will target “non-violent conspiracy theorists” who he claims are just as dangerous as the ISIS terrorists and must therefore, be eradicated. That would make Cameron the most dangerous type of terrorist of all – one who would imprison people for criticizing him. Are North Korean speech policies really the best thing for the UK?
  35. -122
    Am I the only one who thinks this law may be a good thing? Surely if it prevents terrorists then what is the problem?
    • 30
      that is what the crooked government want you to think do you think they wont come for you too
    • 54
      Yes you are!! Do you really believe this law would stop terrorists?!! People that think for themselves rather than believing whatever their government tells them are NOT terrorists.Your government are the terrorists…they lie to you, they kill more than anyone does and they abuse children. Its naive people that believe anything they say that encourage their corruption. WAKE UP
    • Chris Taverner says:
      The problem with it is simple: They can approach people who are doing nothing more dangerous than disagreeing with the government… and target them … restrict their activities and even cart them off to prison withouit them being charged or advised of the crime. They are relying on people like you, saying “it’ll always be happening to someone else”… and being willing to throw away the very democracy that our fathers and grandfathers fought for. No one is saying that these powers should be banned… just that there should be oversight… if there was ever a body less suited to wielding this power than the police… then I have never heard of them… and if they got their way… I would now be waiting for a knock at the door. If you still see nothing wrong with this then there is, surely, something wrong
    • 26
      Well, shooting everyone in the head would reduce terrorism too. You for that? And of course, stifling free speech doesn’t prevent terrorism… it encourages governmental terrorism.
    • Carlomanlemagne says:
      I agree, some people don’t deserve free speech. Specifically, you.
    • Stuart Pullinger says:
      How, please tell us how this stops terrorists? Terrorists do not deal in rhetoric.
  36. 19
    Is David Cameron willing to dismiss all of the professionals in various areas who have conclusively found that the U.S. was totally complicit in the 9/11 terrorist attacks? Are you getting scared Davey? Because the facts don’t lie. 9/11: Blueprint for Truth
  37. 41
    So Davie boy are you willing to rip up BOTH the EU HRA and the UN Unilateral Declaration of Human Rights, because you will have to if your planning on banning free Speech Plus are you going to go back on the promise of Scotland being excluded from your government tearing up the HRA and replacing it with a BS version that is only good for the Westminster/South East Mafia and Pedophile Association and their rich mates.
  38. Habib Barri says:
    we must have a mass campaign criticising the UK government unjust welfare policies. We must expose the possibility (probability?) of their tampering the the Scottish referendum. If enough of us do it then the prisons will not be able to hold us.
  39. 28
    Oh well. That’s me and thousands of other disability activists fucked. At least the Joseph K knew a trial was taking place, even if ignorant of the charge/s.
  40. Mark of the family... says:
    @Jamie Bellsmith Goodness gracious me you are on a roll dear fellow. Seriously, you get your news and take it as fact from the likes of The Daily Mail and The Sun newspaper? Well, God help us all! I don’t think I’ve read so much twaddle coming from one individual in a very long time (which is really saying something), look up the word delusional in the dictionary and I wouldn’t be surprised in the future if your name was associated with the word. End very dry sarcasm. I’m British (whatever that means) born here, white, well educated, family going back generations but this latest legislation being proposed? It’s dangerous talk indeed. But then when the power of the executive has forcibly been removed from parliament and handed over to Europe in complete contradiction of the Queen’s oath, what more can you expect from a government which cares only for it’s own self image and preservation rather than being servant to the people in what is supposed to be a free independent democratic country? These proposals not to put too fine a point on it are a load of BS. If this opinion of mine makes me extremist on a par with murderers or whatnot then so be it, that is what I am. Why make such a strong statement? Because I can. Because this is supposedly a free democratic country where the freedom of speech has always been respected. This government and the Con-servative Party corporation is the most dangerous entity this country has faced for decades. They need to be put out of business as quickly as possible. The Tories only serve the needs and dictates of the elite ruling class, not the people who voted them in, whose support for their dangerous ideals serve not their own needs but that of the megalomaniacs in control of the petro-dollar in the hands of the western industrial complex. But then, if you are a reader of The Daily Mail or The Sun newspapers I strongly suspect my reasoning on this matter will very quickly fly straight off over the top of your head. Comprehende?
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  43. Vinnie Armstrong says:
    Orwell and Kafka couldn’t have dreamed up this awful government and the views of Mr Bellsmith above prove they are masters of fear and manipulation….Frightening!
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  45. 53
    Another goosestep into tyranny by Cameron. I guess that’ll see me inside for 10 years…
  46. Jamie Bellsmith says:
    Why is this newspaper creating such panic over perfectly reasonable proposals? If you have not done anything wrong, and are not planning to join ISISor commit crimes, then you don’t need to worry. Though I’m sure I’ll get alot of flack from conspiracy nuts LOL
    • 91
      you clearly didn’t read the article properly!?
      • Jamie Bellsmith says:
        I did and this article is just scaremongering. The government clearly have our best interests at heart and are representing the majority of British people. How do I know? Their stopping terrorism. I would rather not have any freedoms as this article wrongly implies, than having my kids blown up by some muslim or commie. Your comment is typical of a Labour supporter. Probably an SWP or immigrant lol – a bit like the idiots who wrote this paper. Bet their not even from this country. whatever you think of David Cameron he has a tough job to do and id like to see you do any better. My only criticsm is there should be MORE laws. Bring it on I say. stop fucking talking about stopping the ISIS fanatacs and kill em dead I say. sorry if that offends a few immigrants or tin foil hat wearers but someone has to think of the indigenous people of this country. its digusting the terrorist have got away with it for so long and this paper does nothing to help.
        • 78
          re really hope you are being sarcastic here lol You don’t actually believe what you are saying do you – please tell me you don.t
        • 30
          wow, what a mug
        • 56
          I’m one of those indigenous people you feel should be protected and I think your head is up your own a**e, mate. If you think that the answer to fighting terrorism is the removal of freedom of speech then you’re the one living in the wrong country or even the wrong era. You’d be more at home under a totalitarian regime. Unfortunately you’re a bit late to join the Third Reich but there are plenty of countries on the planet who will happily accommodate a loyal minion such as yourself
        • Owain glyndwr says:
          Jaime bellsmith are you sure its not bell end, there’s me getting all rude. I agree with you its about time we protected the indigenous people of these islands and told you German descendant’s to fuck off back where you came from, they don’t like it up them sir
        • 0
          You don’t know what you are talking about. These proposals are in fact in line with leftist ideologies. No right wing person would limit people’s freedoms because truly right wing Conservatives believe in small government and liberty of individuals from the power of the State. I am a right wing Libertarian and I find any attempts at gagging people abhorrent specially when the state decides we have to accept their version of events and anything other than that is a terrorist offense. I thought we already had laws in this country. Actually, as a Libertarian I fear I might fall under the tyrany of this government.
        • 12
          ”Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither.” -Benjemin Franklin
        • 8
          Jamie you have not thought this through. This legislation has been brought about because of the Scottish referendum, where hundreds of facts were put out into the public domain through social media. You in England are also not seeing the wrongdoings that are being shown to have gone on during the referendum vote counting & all the other goings on, like hundreds of people coming forward to state for the record of voting papers without a bar code on the back. You really have to do your research into what went on during & after the Scottish Referendum. There will never be another legitimate democratic vote in the UK unless there is a judicial review of the Scottish referendum. Under this new legislation I can now go to prison for stating this & for aiding anyone who has whistle blown on what has went on. FACT.
      • Carlomanlemagne says:
        I get the feeling he’s a few nouns short of a collection of said noun. Or just a complete retard.
    • 37
      please re-read – or at least try and understand the words as you read them
      • Jamie Bellsmith says:
        what are you on about? this is the best government we have ever had who despite 13 years of mismanagement by labour have brought in some of the most fair, robust laws this ocuntry has ever seen. anyone with two brain cells and the ability to think knows that. but people love to complain. Try living in saudi arabia if you dont like it. im sure you@d fit right in there. smh
        • 56
          You are seriously deluded.
        • 29
          Well, these laws are making the UK more and more like Saudi Arabia, which also has laws against criticising the government or certain individuals. Don’t you see everytime they say the words “security” or “terrorism”, you give them a carte-blanche to pass these China/Saudi Arabia/DDR-like laws. I’m sure those countries’ leaders also talk about “security” and terrorism.
        • 42
          Oi Jamie Bellend, just stick to having sex with your closest relatives and leave thinking to those equipped for the job you inbred cretin
          • Jamie Bellsmith says:
            Lol I guess this is what I get for not towing the line of political correctness. This newspaper is totally wrong. Scaremongering, panic inducing and inaccurate. I new I’d get a bunch of leftys and conspiracy nuts aching my balls. Leave your clever little insults aside, I am actually quite disgusted this story has appeared to have gone viral. 7k and counting idiots by the looks of it. sure bring on the red arrows. at least i care about my country!! this government may not be perfect but they are the only people who will get rid of the stench of immigration, bearded terrorists and minority whiners. personally, i’d prefer ukip but this government is the next best thing and so far they have been better than any other government we had. why don’t you lot stop being si ungrateful and learn the facts. you all want your freedoms? yeah so do the terrorists. to bomb white kids that is. bet you lot wouldnt be happy til ebola and isis have completely wiped out the indigenous population. ‘the akashic times’ lol. you want unbiased, true news? read the Daily mail or the Sun, not this pretend ‘newspaper’.
          • 41
            You think the Daily Mail & the Sun print unbiased & true news? Get your head out your arse and see what is happening in the UK. The gov’t want people to be hating on Immigrats. Immigration has fuck all to do with anything, its just a huge great smoke screen, to hide what the gov’t are REALLY up to. The gov’t – are ripping the NHS to bits – have sold off royal mail – tripled tution fees – have cut jobs & wages – made millions of people homeless The list just goes on and on
          • Natural Citizen says:
            What a total troll.
          • 5
            I can not believe you are being serious. This government want to give the multinationals the right to sue them if they refuse to give them a contract if they put forward the best price on a estimate. This is even if that company have been given a previous contract that has went billions over budget or went hugely wrong. Also they are giving companies the right to mine right under your property, or carry out fracking under your property without your consent. Going by your comments I would not expect you to have any property mind you.
          • 4
            @ Jamie Bell*** I would say switch your LED off and stop reading spew-papers but you sound too far gone. LOL
        • 29
          You want your country descending into North Korean type fascist authoritarianism? Because that’s exactly what is being proposed here.
          • -5
            You have no idea what Fascism is. North Korea is a Bolshevik Marxist Communist country and the very same political system and dogma that Hitler set out to destroy. You need to do some serious research and get your facts right.
    • 33
      It’s perfectly reasonable to target those who use freedom of speech to try and destroy freedom of speech, however this government have already passed legislation to successfully stop political campaigning coming up to election and 38 degree’s is one of those affected. Essentially a gagging order on anyone who wants to criticise the tory dictatorship. Who is to say that these proposed extremism laws won’t be exploited to silence political opposition in the same way that stop and stop and search laws (also created for anti terrorism), are exploited to stop and search anyone the police do like the look of (youths, suspected drug dealers or black males).
    • 16
      jamie the biggest problem with this world in my opinion is people like you that are sadly uninformed and ignorant, no matter what anyone comments or how ever many dislikes you get your still going to believe everything you are saying. Sadly for you I doubt your even fully British just like the majority of this country! You think “your” country is the only thing in the world that matters we are all human beings on this earth we are all equal! If you believe that people should be above you living in luxury property’s or even just owning multiple property’s while others lie homeless on the streets your either really rich and worried about your money or as I said before in other words a very very silly man!
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  48. Alistair H. Swanson says:
    A most dangerous idea for all concerned.
  49. Alistair H. Swanson says:
    This is something to stop before the building of gas chambers!

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