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The effectiveness of sunscreen lotions has been called into question

Sunscreen lotions under the spotlight

  A Cochrane review has published the results of its findings of a study that attempted to determine how effective sunscreen was in preventing skin cancer. There wasn’t much data on the topic to be found, so the review includes the results of just one study, which compared the daily application of sunscreen with the occasional use of sunscreen over[Read More...]

Johnson and Johnson fined over carcinogenic talcum powder case

Johnson and Johnson fined over carcinogenic talcum powder case

US judges have ordered the pharmaceutical company Johnson and Johnson to pay $72 million in damages to the family of a deceased woman who claim that her cancer was caused by the talcum powder. This latest court case representing Jackie Fox of Birmingham, Alabama, was part of a broader claim in the city of St. Louis circuit court involving nearly[Read More...]

Naomi Thomas

Wedding charity planner hailed as ‘inspirational woman of the year’

A Somerset woman has been praised for her achievements after launching a charity which plans weddings for the terminally ill. Naomi Thomas, 31, from Wellington, has set up and run the Wishing Well Foundation, which has already seen six couples get married. Naomi was diagnosed with cancer herself back in April 2009, two days after getting engaged to her partner.[Read More...]

Brave youngster raises money for cancer charities

Brave youngster raises money for cancer charities

A brave young man in Lincolnshire has vowed to continue his fundraising activities despite having cancer, it has been reported. At the tender age of 9, Ethan Maull, was diagnosed with a rare form of children’s bone cancer last Christmas, but even this has not stopped him from raising money on behalf of charities such as Cancer Research. The inspirational[Read More...]

GM crops have been shown to cause cancer in rats

Aspartame toxin gets facelift

Aspartame has received a brand new makeover thanks to its producer which has come up with an inventive new name for the poison. Following much controversy over the side-effects of aspartame, Ajinomoto the makers of the toxin have decided to rebrand it as a “natural sweetener”. It is currently known as AminoSweet, after originally operating under the trade names “Nutrasweet”[Read More...]