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John Mann the MP for Bassetlaw in Nottinghamshire has handed the government a dossier of evidence on VIP child abuse

VIP child abuse whistleblowers ‘murdered’

The VIP child abuse scandal shows no sign of abating after it was revealed that key witnesses and whistleblowers who exposed a paedophile ring that goes all the way to the Houses of Parliament and above, where murdered. The claims have been made by a number of politicians, including MP John Mann who passed detectives information about the suspicious deaths[Read More…]

Anti-cop posters pop up across London bus stops

Anti-cop posters pop up across London bus stops

The high-profile cases of police brutality across the US and UK has prompted a wave of protests in recent weeks. However, in London recently, those demonstrations have taken on a whole new dimension. Anti-police brutality posters have appeared at bus stops all over the city last week, condemning the police force for the way they target individuals suspected of possessing[Read More…]

Victim goes public about abuse by high-ranking paedophiles

Victim goes public about abuse by high-ranking paedophiles

A victim has spoken out about the systematic and widespread abuse of young children by so-called VIP paedophile rings, and those in positions of authority. Police are investigating the man’s claims, after he said that he saw a Tory MP “throttle” a 12 year old child to the point of death. He spoke of high-profile paedophile rings involving celebrities, politicians[Read More…]

Jill Dando was shot dead in 1999. Her murder remains a mystery.

Jill Dando attempted to expose paedophile ring at BBC before her murder

Jill Dando tried to expose the elite paedophile rings that was operating at the BBC before she died, it has been reported. The murdered television presenter tried to report a culture of sexual abuse and child molestation involving some of TV’s biggest stars, but was routinely ignored and sidelined. A number of people had approached Ms Dando about the DJs,[Read More…]

Silvio Berlusconi had links to mafia, court rules

Supreme court uncovers mafia links to Berlusconi

Berlusconi’s nefarious links with the Italian mafia has been laid bare, after the Supreme Court of Cassation in Rome found that he did business with the mob for decades. It appears that he was more than just a corrupt, sex-crazed politician – he also worked with the notorious Sicilian Mafia, Cosa Nostra, through his conduit and former senator Marcello Dell’Utri,[Read More…]