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National parks opened up to fracking

National parks opened up to fracking

National parks and other areas of natural beauty could be opened up for fracking, it has been announced. The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has announced that these conservation areas along with urban commons and cities across the UK are to be opened up for fracking and other forms of oil and gas exploration, despite widespread opposition to[Read More…]

The oil find in Australia is failing to enrich the public

Blog: Australia’s “black gold” failing to enrich the public

Australia has recently been discovered to have been sitting on its very own reserves of black gold, or in other words: oil. Trillions of pounds worth of the stuff was found last year – 233 billion barrels to be exact – in a find that some predicted could turn the region into a new Saudi Arabia. Australia is currently believed[Read More…]

‘Dirty water can make you violent’ study shows

‘Dirty water can make you violent’ study shows

Violent crime has often been attributed to many causes in the UK. However a number of studies have helped to highlight the link between the pollution in our water and increasing levels of violent crime. Excessive amounts of lead in the water and the air has been cited as one of the leading factors in crimes such as robbery, rape[Read More…]

Scientists have made the link between air pollution and DNA damage

Scientists reveal pollution results in DNA damage

A number of new studies have recently helped to highlight the link between environmental pollution and longstanding DNA damage. Studies published in the Journal of molecular neuroscience and also in the Experimental Eye Research journal have collectively served to reveal that a combination of everyday environmental factors such as ultraviolet light and air pollution can result in a process known[Read More…]

Smog has been a consistent and growing problem in China

China orders insurance companies to stop compensating smog victims

Barely a week after the reports of dangerously high levels of smog in China hit the headlines across the world, authorities have made a bizarre attempt at damage-control. It has now been reported that lawmakers in the country have ordered the two largest insurers in China to stop selling their policies. The directive comes just a week after the policies[Read More…]