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Daniel Kaluuya says he was targeted by violent cops because of his colour

UK man sues the Met police after violent strip-search

A British man is suing the police after they ordered him off the bus and forced him to take his trousers off in public. Daniel Kaluuya who appeared in the TV hit series Skins is suing the Metropolitan police after accusing them of picking on him as a suspected drug dealer because of his colour. Daniel had been sitting on[Read More…]

Miriam Carey

Young mother shot dead after reportedly trying to ram car into White House

A young mother who reportedly tried to ram her car into the barricades of the US capitol yesterday has been shot dead by police. Dental hygienist Miriam Carey, 34, had been taking a cocktail of antidepressants and pharmaceutical drugs to treat schizophrenia when she was stopped at a checkpoint near the White House. Law enforcement authorities claim that she was[Read More…]

Brave youngster raises money for cancer charities

Brave youngster raises money for cancer charities

A brave young man in Lincolnshire has vowed to continue his fundraising activities despite having cancer, it has been reported. At the tender age of 9, Ethan Maull, was diagnosed with a rare form of children’s bone cancer last Christmas, but even this has not stopped him from raising money on behalf of charities such as Cancer Research. The inspirational[Read More…]

UK government to criminalise “annoying behaviour”

UK government to criminalise “annoying behaviour”

The British government is about to pass legislation which will effectively criminalise any behaviour perceived to be “annoying”, it has emerged. Under the  Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill, those who gather lawfully in public places could potentially be barred by local authorities, police and even private security firms. If such orders are refused, citizens could face arrest, fines and[Read More…]

Patrick Awuah

African entrepreneur helps to inspire the next generation of leaders

A Ghanaian millionaire has ditched a highly lucrative role at Microsoft to help create the next generation of leaders in Africa, it has been reported. Patrick Awuah is the founder of Ashesi University in Ghana which is known for its high-tech facilities and strong emphasis on business, technology and leadership. He pumped millions of his own money into the venture[Read More…]