The government is considering plans to investigate families which home-school their children in the UK.

A review is currently being launched by Nicky Morgan after education officials claimed that many parents who homeschool their kids could potentially be “poisoning their minds” with extremist and terrorist ideologies.

The government is currently using terrorism as a reason to monitor on parents who educate their children at home.

A senior government source said: “There has always been the freedom in this country for people to educate their children at home. Many people do it very well. But we need to know where the children are and to be certain that they are safe. For every parent doing a brilliant job, there may be someone filling their child’s mind with poison. We just don’t know. We don’t have reliable figures.”

The move comes after claims by Ofsted’s chief schools inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw, who has alleged that there is a “serious and growing threat” to the safety of children posed by unregistered schools and educational facilities.

A Department for Education spokesman said: “We have provided Ofsted with extra inspectors to eradicate extremism in education. We are working with them to address their concerns about home education being exploited, while safeguarding the rights of parents to determine how and where to educate their children.”

Currently, there is no obligation for a parent to register or inform anyone of their intent to homeschool their children if those children have not been offered a place at school. However, the government is looking into whether this should be changed.

The last Labour government had already tried to launch such a review, but it did not go ahead after failing to win enough Conservative support.

It appears, that all of that is set to change. This new announcement of a review into homeschooling comes after Nicky Morgan announced a crackdown on unregistered schools and “weekend madrassas” after some were claimed to be promoting extremist tendencies. However, not everyone agrees with the plans.

Conservative MP Graham Stuart, who chairs the all-party parliamentary group on home education, told the Independent: “The home is used by parents to inculcate ideas into their children’s heads all the time. Just because there is a problem does not mean there can be a solution.

“If the next step is a formal register I would resist that strongly. The legal duty to educate a child rests with the parents, not the state. That is a long-standing settlement in this country.”
However, Labour’s shadow Education Secretary, Lucy Powell supported the plans.
She claimed: “We urgently need robust local oversight and accountability of all local schooling, regardless of type, so that communities can work together to improve standards and stop children from ending up in harm’s way.”

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  1. 12

    So the government is signed up to the UN and European convention on human rights? In those documents they both state (unless they’ve been changed) that it is the PARENT’S right on how their children are educated!
    To use terrorism as an excuse is ludicrous, because they are a very very small minority and I expect, as another comment says on here – what’s going to stop parents from poisoning their children when they are at home!
    Another issue is for the government to define what poison is? Penicillin could be poisonous to some people, but is fine for others! Does she mean those with religious beliefs? Or just beliefs which go against the government’s liberal, PC policies? Hitler banned home education in 1938 – is this the line we are going to take as a nation? I’m not sure Hitler lost WWII after all!

  2. 1

    This is because badman didn’t work
    So fear to the country may
    Think we need to restart a e partition and start cross posting it

    After all so far all extremists where school attending families.
    Maybe we need every child in school to have monitoring. Not home ed

    Maybe can help draft up the e-pertition and get the ball rolling
    Nip this in the but asap, before it gets out of hand.

  3. 14

    So I’m a little confused how banning homeschooling will prevent parents from poisoning their kids minds when the kids LIVE there and the parents are still able to poison their minds after school and on weekends lol What a load of BS. Just another poor excuse to ban homeschooling!

  4. anthony jenkins says:

    When the government stop producing kids that go direct from school to prison or any other fundamentalist kids that have no respect for anything other than how much they can get in life from stealing drug deal etc ,,milking the state then when they get all that right they can look at if they can afford to elevate their spending so as to reach the higher standard of most home schoolers,,,the idiots need to put down the throwing stones get there thumb outa there arse and sort there own house out ,,,which is whole reason most home school ..of course most ministers have a wall in there head made out ignorance ,,head down blame everybody else,,,lalalalalalalalal,,,, D.A.SfB

  5. 14

    “Poisoning their minds with extremist and terrorist ideologies” is the statement made but it cannot be backed by actual figures? I call bullshit on this statement. Also who decides what is extremist or terrorist ideologies – is it anyone who is anti any existing person in government? How dare someone make a claim like this without backing it up with proof!

  6. 16

    They dont have that right.
    State interference in parental rights shd be banned

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