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A top judge has slammed social workers who force children into care homes without telling their parents why.

Sir James Munby, one of the country’s most senior judges condemned public servants who fail to tell parents why their children were being adopted after two Bristol social workers ignored a court order requiring them to explain why the couple’s two children were being taken for adoption.

In that particular case, they prevented parents from mounting a legal challenge by only releasing the information to the parents 45 minutes before the decision was due to be finalised.

Sir James Munby is president of  is the Family Division and warned that in the future, social workers who do this could face jail time.

He branded the actions of the Bristol social workers as ‘deplorable’ and  ‘lackadaisical’.

In an interview with the Daily Mail: “It is, unhappily, symptomatic of a deeply rooted culture in the family courts which, however long established, will no longer be tolerated. The court is entitled to expect – and from now on family courts will demand – strict compliance with all such orders.”

His judgment was supported by Lib Dem MP John Hemming, who said: “At least anybody who is sent down for contempt by Sir James will not be locked up in secret. He has put the boot on to the other foot. The next time courts are let down by the incompetence or bloody-mindedness of social workers, it will be a director of children’s services facing jail rather than a parent.”

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    I am going through the same thing lets kick their arses to kingdom cum they have treated my family like dirt and I am not going through this again

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    It is about time someone started listerning to the little people like us ss think they have the power to do anything they want . they lie to the judges on oath, which tell me they have no respect for the court system. They lie and and things in there reports and when you mention these things even to your own legel teams you are told they don’t matter so they don’t get changed. but when it comes to court they aer used against you, even things you can prove are not true .

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    Denise: If you have a problem with Social Services – like so many people do – then contacting Sir James Munby may not be the most effective way forward. However, the links for how to write to him are below. It might be more effective to consider a Judicial Review of the Social Services decision, or else a complaint against the local authority in question, or a challenge to their assessment, or an appeal against a court order. If you go to the open group UK Social Services and look in the Files menu at the top you will see many resources to help you. you can also post there and get some advice.
    For Sir James Munby:

  4. denise kirk says:

    please can you tell me how i can contact Sir James Munby
    as i have problem with local social services

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