A law has been proposed in New South Wales, Australia which requires those with tattoos to register their tattoos to the state government.

The law is being justified as a way to crack down on biker gangs in the country but includes owners of tattoo parlours and even those with tattoos in New South Wales to submit detailed information about their personal associations and criminal histories, regardless of whether they have committed a crime or not.

In Queensland, similar laws are being proposed. Gold Coast MP Ray Stevens claimed that biker gangs were using tattoo parlours as a front to launder their ill-gotten gains, and a tattoo register would stop them using fake names and inflated tattoo prices to do this.

Police claim that at least one-in-four tattoo parlors across Australia are affiliated with outlaw motorcycle clubs such as the Hells Angels, the Gypsy Jokers and the Finks.

At least that is what is being claimed. In effect, the law is being billed as a way to “protect” citizens, by essentially requiring a person to obtain permission before getting tattoos. In Queensland, gang members are banned from owning, operating or working in tattoo parlors.

Although the law in question specifically names tattoo parlours – the interpretation of that law has the scope to include those who get tattoos at unregistered parlours.

However, last year, plans to require all citizens to register their tattoos regardless of where they get them done were put on the table. Although that is yet to go through, the anti-biker legislation currently in place, could effectively lump those with tattoos in the same category as ‘gangs and criminals’.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman told Parliament: “This is not some flash in the pan or momentary phase. We are going to hunt you down. Take off your colors, get a real job, act like decent, law-abiding human beings and become proper citizens in the state of Queensland and you will not have to go to jail.”

When it comes to private citizens registering their tattoos, little has been said about how the authorities intend to ensure that all tattoos are registered.

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  2. 6

    I don’t have any tats, I wonder if I will have to register my freckle…s. Australia is,turning mental starting at the top

  3. colin: of the bryant family says:

    Not to protect the public but CONTROL the public.

  4. 9

    How f..king taboo is this idea. . Leave the bikers alone. . Only a small minu-ute are corrupt. Geez.. What’s Australia coming to.. Next thing you know! They will want us to wave the American Flag. . Like f..k.

  5. 8

    Don’t you people know anything if you get arrested the cops ask if you have tatts so they already have a massive list of peeps and there tatts and they have been do it for years so it’s nothing new the only thing new is that their now attacking the innocent as well as far as I reckon unless we stand United we will always be pushed around by the stupid governments this used to be the land of the free now it’s starting to sound like anything but and the worst thing is people are struggling to make ends meet and the retired pollies
    Get massive annual payments when they retire let’s all pass a law to have every cop’s and the pollies have to have random drug tests and see how many pass mmmmm that would be interesting to see how many fail rant over

  6. 4

    This is so outlandish that it couldn’t be happening even in Queensland. I think you have all been taken for a ride. It has to be a joke.

  7. 11

    Will we also have to get our hairstyles registered too? Qld is becoming a totalitarian state more and more with each day.

  8. 2

    I recommend gathering together as many people as possible and having tattoos. Also, everybody having a tattoo should go and register them – always in certain day and time of month.

    Or something like that. Being as annoying as possible, basicly.
    Passive resistance 4 win!

  9. 14

    OMG! this is outrageous! just because someone has a tattoo DOES NOT MAKE THEM A CRIMINAL!! same goes for bikies, not all bikies are criminals!!!
    Let’s talk climate change, lets talk jobs, health care and most of all EDUCATION! because all those that incriminate people who have tattoos need to be EDUCATED ABOUT BODY ART AND SELF EXPRESSION!
    Narrow minded people should not be allowed in public. wow this is ridiculous!
    as the link about article 1: Right to Equality , by making those of us with tattoos to register our tattoos we are no longer equal to those that do not have tattoos which is also an infringement of
    article 2: Freedom from Discrimination.
    if the government really wants to take away our human rights which this country has signed the declaration then what is the point of have signed this?! WAKE UP TO REALITY THERE ARE WORSE THINGS THAN HAVING A TATTOO!!!

    • 9

      I agree with you camila, I have tattoo’s and im a chef NOT a criminal and I WILL NOT BE MADE TO REGISTER MY TATTOOS, the so called Australian government needs to wake up and smell the bullshit they are talking.

    • 1

      I have 11 tattoos,plan to get more and have NO affiliations with criminal activity or persons whatsoever…this is FASCISM,pure and simple!

  10. Terry Crofts says:

    Are they going to get tourists who come to Qld to register their tattoo’s too? I was coming for a holiday, now not sure

  11. 5

    I think our laws are a joke and we are not a free country anymore. People lie and break the rules get into our country and then we hand them money what a joke! Don’t you think time is better spent enforcing those rules than worrying about peoples tattoos. If they are running a business then they are working and paying taxes better than dole bludgers that don’t even look for work etc. What happens when you get your tattoo overseas will you have to register that will you have to pay to register? The police are no help when they are needed and other people are breaking the rules but will be happy to help register peoples tattoos.

  12. 7

    next there will gas chambers ,concentration camps, fenced suburbs,to keep tattooed people in. Does this sound like Poland, after the invasion by Hitler, Russia with Stalin, Cambodia with Pol Pot, Uganda with Idi Armain now its Australian state laws if you want your country to be run by a dictatorial government then be a sheep but if you want human rights stand up for it before its to late. today tattoos ,tomorrow disabilities .If you say it wont happen ask the people in the above countries. thank you for your time.

  13. 3

    What a Bloody stupid idea….#PowerTripGovernment

  14. Sillynonsense says:


    Do you really think the govt would introduce this law if there wasn’t a problem with it? You don’t like it, obey the law and vote

    • brutalbrital says:

      yes obey obey OBEY OBEY you fucking worthless sheep, be the good sheep the authority demands you be, you have too.You must I SAID ,MUST OBEY, and when you are told to report to the train station YOU MUST OBEY its for your own good , and when you get off the train at the big warehouse with the funny pipes YOU MUST OBEY ITS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.

    • 1

      bahhh . . . bahhhh . . . Nazi prick

    • 9

      Seriously? I am a law abiding citizen who happens to have 1 tattoo, on my back. Which is in memory of my father who was killed in a car accident. I pay my taxes (lots of it), have a job and work my ass off. I would never dream of breaking the law. I agree, that gangs need to be stopped. However, I don’t think me registering if I do or don’t have a tattoo will make any difference. People with criminal records have their tattoos registered, but law abiding citizens should not be treated as criminals!

    • 3


      I don’t like tattoos but believe people should have the right of choice. Newman is getting so far outside of his authority it is now becoming a dictatorship.
      Perhaps he needs to ensure the tattoos worn by the jews, Poles and others should be included. Under his proposed laws no one should be exempt. This man should not be in government as he is unqualified to administer justice.

    • 0

      Actually, it is not bullshit, it is real law. So, you are wrong. Your move.

  15. 4

    this is a stupid Idea i have a tatts and so does my daughter we are no way affiliated with bikies, so why would I or should I register my tatts….. no way in hell

  16. 5

    ….I just wait…paitently..for that one maniac to snap…

  17. 3


  18. 5

    Well, I was born with a tattoo of the invisible man blowing a kiss, on my arse!!!Can’t wait for them to photograph that….

  19. 14

    You sound like an uneducated idiot. Freedom to choose what we want to put or not put on our bodies is the point here! I have 3 beautiful well adjusted children I’m the manager of a lucrative business pay my taxes and don’t break the law, and I have tattoos, my husband has tattoos and two of my kids have tattoos Damned if I will register my tattoos they can kiss my arse!!!!!and so can you and your stupid remarks u maggot!!!

  20. 3

    think of the new jobs created from this. THE TATTOO POLICE!

  21. 2

    Australia goverment are doing all this shit wrong they should be dealling with the boat people and trying to look after aussi like fix the problem with aussi on the streets wat are homless help them with the money you are using for the bikers and boat people and do the right thing

  22. 6

    Clearly our Gov. has got too much time on their hands. instead of focusing on the problem they make new silly rules like these! many people are tattooed so this cut down on crime is just another scam to have people under their rule. Good luck to the police in their never winning war against crime. You cannot stop crime sitting in a desk!

  23. Sillynonsense says:


    SERIOUSLY WHAT’S SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND?? Unless you are a criminal or outlaw, then what’s the problem?

    • -16


    • thepremiersucks says:

      are you serious? whats so hard for you to understand that these are bullshit laws and everyone has a right to get tattoos whether they have meaning or not. the laws that have come out since campbell newman has been in are fucking ridiculous and discriminatory. you can go on being sheep of a corrupt government take your comments somewhere else.

    • 10

      I’m a 50yr old self employed married father of four with no criminal history whatsoever,I’ve done plenty of charity work,will always help out someone down on their luck if I can and stood up for people who have been victimised by racism,religion and just for being poor.I have two tattoos and to be told I have go on a register is insulting and it’s discrimination at its best.What if they a register for being a racist,bigot or just being a dumb arse would YOU be happy when YOU had to put your name down

    • -1

      the prob lem is laws are made my maggots just like you…and yet you had all of your teeth smashed into your face because of a comment like this,you’d play victim

    • 1

      What if you already have one and aren’t a criminal or outlaw? The vast majority of people with tattoos aren’t criminals or outlaws – they’re people who think they look pretty or sexy or remind them of something or someone they always want to carry with them.

  24. 1

    Im with you guys…….whats even more scary in the USA Obama is trying to electronically chip people for his Obama care 🙁 If that comes to Australia what then, no wonder they disarmed a Nation 🙁

  25. 21

    they can go fly a kite, nobody but myself and who I choose will see my tattoos, I am nearly 60 years old and will not subject myself to this ridiculous type of communisum.

  26. 6

    Total fascism. Stop These Dogs. Power To The PEOPLE.

  27. tattoos are for the low self esteem says:

    tattoos are for faggs anyway. My family has been clear of tattoos for the past 75 years, cause only low self esteem faggs need tattoos

    • 15

      Well…insulting people on the inernet and saying, in the same sentence, it’s them who have low self-esteem is a bit ironic. 😉 Kinda makes think I wouldn’t see your self-worth even through a microscope.

    • 3

      That’s what all the bitches that can’t handle pain say. Keep looking in the mirror tough guy, you only impress yourself

    • 14

      Lol does that mean that 75 years ago someone in your family was a low self esteem “fag”?

      You’re a moron.

    • thepremiersucks says:

      You’re the biggest fag I’ve found on this page. The only reason it’s been kept out of your family is because your all a bunch of douche bags who couldn’t handle the pain. I’d like you to say that to someone with tattoos face and see how much of a fag they are then.

    • 0

      Not true what soever so stfu.

    • 1

      pull your head out of your arse dickhead the only difference between you and me is I don’t give a fuck if you don’t have tattoos. wanker

    • 1

      YOU SMALL MINDED TWAT PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ARSE AND SEE THE WORLD THAT IS IT, PPL GET TATTOOS TO SHOW THE ART WORK AND TO EXPRESS THEMSELVES, I have quite a few tattoos and plan on getting more as they are BEAUTIFUL and by the damn way I am a chef and have a very HIGH self esteem.

  28. 4

    You could fight them about it but many of you gave up your weapons.

  29. 3

    WTF?! They’re going to treat me like a criminal just because I want to ensure I never forget the most important date of my life? Screw them.

  30. 11

    Those who constantly ride off our elected officials as “idiots” or “morons” need to realise that these are ruthlessly intelligent sociopaths we are dealing with. High intelligence and an utter lack of empathy is the only way to get to the top in this paradigm.

    This current proposal, and the latest Victorian “anti-congregation” legislation, are just more attempts at the seemingly constant, though slowly incremental, removal of any freedoms we currently have left. The innate freedom of expression, especially the freedom of political expression, of any truly “free” society is seriously in jeopardy, and the saddest part is the overwhelming majority of society’s apathy.

    Facsism by another name is still Fascism

    Interesting times ahead.

  31. 3

    So these new laws require us to show tattoo’s that could be around our butt holes or vaginal and penis area, well while they are taking a photograph of my “tattoo’s” around my slong, ill piss on the cunts

  32. 1

    Hahaha watch out the tattoo bus is up the road…I got this vision of cops pulling cars over and strip searching everyone on the side of the road for tattoos…lol

  33. 1

    right hand or forehead I believe…

  34. 1

    So they really want to know about the fairy dancing on my foot ey?
    I guess they are afraid the fairy’s might come and get them…

  35. pissed off Aussy says:

    they can go fuck them selves if they think i am going to register my tatts , i have been employed by the same employer for 20 years & married with 2 kids have no record at all why would or should i have to register whats on my body ? dream on Big Barry O

    • tattoos are for the low self esteem says:

      because people like you give normal working class citizens a bad name. laser your tattoo off ya stooge

      • 1

        How come? This guy didn’t do anything wrong. Besides, he may well be from middle-class, so don’t worry 😉

      • 9

        tattoos are for the low self esteem, dude you are a cum stain, who are you to state that people with tattoo’s are a lesser person then the likes of you, to state such a thing is profiling and that’s wrong. They have just found a cure for chronic back pain using afterbirth, you should donate yourself for the good of mankind.

      • thepremiersucks says:

        I’d seriously like to watch how the premier goes about fucking you in the ass, your a fucking loser who couldn’t handle the pain so you put down the people who can. Some people get tattoos for the meaning you low self esteemed retard.

  36. 1

    In the past oppressors would brand you. Now we brand ourselves for them and this is something they have just realised. I hate to compare conservatives with fascists but this is starting to get scary.

  37. 7

    So whats next ya government wankas… Anyone with short hair will need to register ??? anyone who grows a beard will need to register ???? any one who wears nail polish will need to register ???? and how does this hold for any government officials who has a tattoo… what this is is nothing more than the noose of control and freedom over us as people being tightened just one more notch…. Its time we all stood up and began protesting the corrupt bullshit that goes on in Australia… STOP BEING SHEEPLE AND START BEING PEOPLE…

    • 5

      Newman has already put in new legislation last week that government and political employees will be exempt from these new laws! 2 steps away from martial law. It’s been predicted for years by people like David ike and now it’s happening. Chipped baby’s,and adults, guns taken, rights taken, the water u drink is poison slowly effecting, food pharmaceuticals…it’s a NWO on its way!

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