Jonas Stadden before being taken into care

Jonas Stadden before being taken into care

This is perhaps one of the most shocking cases of child abuse that we have ever had to cover at the Akashic Times.

Jonas Stadden was a vulnerable four year old with down’s syndrome, living in Somerset who was described as a happy-go-lucky, ‘bubbly’ child.

He had five other siblings and was the special ‘little’ brother who was loved spoiled and adored by the entire family.

But his life was to be cruelly snatched away after his mother made the mistake of asking the social services for help and advice.

The social services responded by informing the parents that they would assist the family by placing little Jonas, along with his brothers and sisters into foster care. This is despite the fact that Jonas’ parents were not under any suspicion for causing harm to their family.

But asking the social services for help because of Jonas’s condition was to land their family in big trouble. Without warning, the social services cut off the parents from their children, and it was around this time that Jonas, who was once healthy, started getting ill in foster care.

The father of the boy had previously noticed burns and bruises on Jonas’s body and informed the social services and hospital. He was also savvy enough to photograph the injuries. But his pleas fell on deaf ears. Months later, Jonas was pronounced dead.

Jonas before he died, after being taken into care

Jonas before he died, after being taken into care

Until this day, the family say they have not received any explanation whatsoever. They were not told who caused his death and the bruises went unexplained.

The case appeared to be covered up completely and did not appear in the mainstream media until after we went public with this story. The child was a Down’s Syndrome child but there were no serious concerns regarding his health, whilst Jonas was in care of his parents.

The family have been calling for an inquest – and yet one has failed to materialise. In the report, doctors failed to determine the cause of the burns and bruising but just said it ‘may have been accidental’.


Often the authorities will try and use underhanded techniques to justify their actions. Following the publication of this story we were contacted via the website by a mysterious person by the name of “Polly” who failed to leave legitimate contact details, making some very serious – and so far unfounded – accusations against the Stadden family. This person then asked us to publish their claims and look into it. However, when we tried to contact “Polly” who commented under the heading  “pollywallydoodle” for further information, ‘her’ contact details unsurprisingly turned out to be false. We’d be delighted to hear from anyone who may recognise this query. Or indeed, if the person themselves could get in touch again- but this time with real contact info and proof of their claims.

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    These tragedies often happen, and they happen for a reason:
    When a child is separated from the family it is a tremendous trauma for them.
    The trauma is so severe that it can lead to DEATH, ACCIDENTS, etc, etc..

    What happens is a terrible emotional chaos and it is our emotions when they are balanced that keep is alive and healthy.

    When our emotions are disturbed we are in great danger.

    Those social workers ( civil servants etc.., same bunch) are ignorant, they don’t know all that, that’s why they continue making deadly mistakes.

    They are the one responsible for their ignorance and for the consequences.

    I know of personal experience, they took my little brother from us.

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    Dear Mr Stadden

    Firstly, we would like to offer our condolences for this awful ordeal that you have found yourselves in. Nothing can be more heartbreaking than the loss of a child.

    Thanks very much for getting in touch. We would love to feature your story in more details here at the Akashic Times, and we have sent an email across to you just now to get in touch.

    We definitely plan to follow this up and have since been contacted by a number of families with similar experiences, which we are in the process of investigating. These are stories that really need to be told and is something that we are passionate about covering here at the Akashic Times. I look forward to talking to you soon Mr Stadden and am extremely sorry for your tragic loss.

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    first of all we would like to thank the Akashictimes for being the only publishcation to be brave enough to put up Jonas,s picture of when he was ill 4 days before his death ,all the other parties who have written any thing haven’t had the balls to do so , also all the kind comments on here to our family at this terrible time. We would also like the AKAshictimes to get in contact with us to have our own press release if they want it stating our whole concerns in the wake of the coroners strange decision on a natural cause of death which we are going to fight against .
    & to benny , we have sent you an email so hope to talk to you soon , thanks to you all

  4. 0

    THIS IS A SOS , Children in danger, need help / BORDER OF UNREPAIRABLE : A sordid a small child covered under the DPJ ” ” (direction Quebec youth protection ) case. This child is kept under chemical restraint Risperdale + + EPIVA BIPHENDEN without proper medical supervision , despite the opinion of many professionals involved in the case , demonstrating the futility of such a measure , but also extremely negative effect on development of the child , who lives such a situation since the age of 4 years and now has 9 today . This child initially had a simple language delay , delay it was catching up with specialized services that Dr. Julien had established while the child was 27 months , the child had been entrusted by the superior court the mother Unsatisfied judgment , the father passed by the DPJ to set different sound in custody , the father suffers from a mental health problem confirmed and documented and a kind of projection its own problems on the child , not accepting the relatively Benin a language delay diagnosis , relying on a pervasive developmental disorder (PDD ), despite contrary medical opinions and evidence many videos where the child clearly demonstrates behaviors that are incompatible with autism, however , the father’s sister is a pediatrician and despite being aware of the psychiatric problems of his brother, still decided to collaborate on the game by issuing an assessment of convenience in the context of custody procedures ” ”
    The DPJ then attended the father in his efforts to regain custody of the child and thus avoid the emotional and educational environment that suited him to undergo a specialized educational environment incompatible with its actual state in addition to cause emotional trauma of separation from his mother and grandmother, trauma was ” managed ” by chemical restraint. Thereafter, the father had another child with his new wife, and no longer wishes to have custody of the child. Rather than reconfier child to its original natural environment, where it should never have come out , it is rather sent Rehabilitation Centre for Intellectual Disabilities (IDRC ) while fed psychotropic RISPERDAL that make in a vegetative state history to contain the rage and distress he tries to express face the intolerable situation which it is subjected .
    The child with all his cognitive faculties was forced to evolve in an educational environment designed for severely mentally handicapped clients, and cut off from any significant emotional and family ties . Imagine the impact on cognitive development , the brake can put it in achieving its full potential, but also the discomfort and discomfort that had no other choice but to express themselves through anger at such an attack on his own personal development , crises that DPJ chose to silence by a chemical straightjacket strength rather than acknowledge its mistakes and act in the interest of the child returning it in its proper family environment. The court unnecessarily delaying the relief must be provided to the child, which ought to be a top priority. responsible for this sordid affair have their heads in the sand, a small child left to his fate in a vegetative state , the mother attended the helpless child abandoned house home , sexually abused under the guise DPJ
    Look what happened to the child, 4 years of RISPERDAL + + EPIVAL BIFENDEN , a 5 and a half years in the long term , ..

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    We will keep your and your family in our prayers and I am so sorry for your loss. thanks for your sharing , the best way anyone who reads you story is to get involved wake up this is happening al over the world and in this country. I am not going to share my story in this comment but later after it is posted .
    I as a soldier donated to battered women and abused children thru the combined federal campaign for years as I was in for a career, recently I was introduced rather abruptly to the CHILD PROTECTION SERVICES this country has to me this is a big scam, one of the biggest and Now it is exposed It won’t cover-up they do not understand. There is too many parents , children (Who have Grown -up thru their system) and Angry Grand parents . My Daughter has won her appeal, we are celebrating by helping others and exposing more corruption any time we find it. We want our freedoms/rights back and never do this to our society again………..

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    Story is getting out,

    Still no comment from the down syndrome association or the charity ups and downs, a somerset based charity that says it was in constant contact with the family both before and after Jonas death.

  7. 2

    ps maybe this site could help you find financial support to persue this or at least give you guys a bit of a break…

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    my thoughts are with what is left of the family, considering the deep void children’s services have left them with. Children’s services create more anxiety and stress than they diminish. My advice would be, if you want help with anything, look yourself, do not involve children’s services unless you have concern because all they can deal with is the removal of children. A lot of the workers I have engaged with have been emotionally stunted and judgemental. Poor child. To the family… this is not your fault, please do not feel guilt, please persue this and challenge them if you have the strength. This kind of sadness happens daily to families and we need to try to reduce these devestations collectively. If I can help in any way, please get in touch.

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    My condolences to Jonas’ mom and dad and family members. No child should die in care of the state, especially when the state thinks they can do better than the parents. The state should be letting the children remain with families and letting the families use their own funding and schedule their own programs for their children. Removing children and putting them in foster care and group homes is not improving the situation for special needs families. Helping special needs families is letting us take the funding and put our kids in the programs ourselves so we can track the development. To many times families are watching the state fail. This has got to stop. Families have got to take their rights back NOW!!!!!

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    this is so scary. I am a single mother to a 4 year old girl With DS. I struggle sometimes on my own as she is extremely demanding and has some very challenging behaviour. There have been times when Ive been tempted to ask social services for some extra help. Every time I go to make the call I freeze because Im terrified they will think Im incapable of looking after her and will remove her. Reading this has made my blood run cold. I will NEVER make that call. Fear will stop me asking for the help im entitled to. Im so sorry for your loss, I really, really am. Im angry that you have been treated so appallingly. I hope you get some answers and someone is held accountable for this.

  11. 1

    Im appalled at this story – Ive published this far and wide. My condolences to the family x

  12. 1

    Please will it be okay for me to share all this information on kids without voices
    The reason I request this is due to the fact that it is a paid page and likely to be wide spread

    Thank you

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    Im very sorry for your loss, reading the story made me cry.
    As a father of a child like Janus i can’t imagine what life would be like without them, you have my full sympathies.
    Can i ask you a question about the charity ups and downs please?
    Have you had much involvement with them before and after Jonas death?
    Have you spoken to the down syndrome association about the situation?

    I have contacted them and several other DS charities about this but many don’t have anything to say or are refusing to comment.
    I would like to help you get to the bottom of this, not just for children like ours but for all the families and children who have suffered and will suffer if we don’t start to hold people to account.

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    Wow such an interesting story and judging by your editorial note and the reply above, obviously the PTB clearly are trying to cover up their tracks i hope you do manage to get the interview with the family involved people need to know this stuff. awful that such a lovely young child had to go like that

  15. haydn stadden says:

    im his father i took the pics , your almost dead right about what you have written , iv got nothing to hide , if you need to contact me please do , & yes the authorities dont want this out they are bricking it
    Jonas was the light of everyone life in the family & CSC will never fully understand just how many lives have been destroyed through there stupidity & incompetence ,but were gonna try & show them

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