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Lamp posts have been fitted with listening devices and cameras in order to monitor conversations in public

High-powered bugs to eavesdrop on street conversations

The government has announced that all street conversations in the UK will now be monitored with listening devices inserted into lamp posts. Think I’m joking? Councils across several major cities in England have announced the insertion of new “intelligent” listening devices  which will allegedly be used to counteract terrorism and crime. The Sigard system has been tested in London, Manchester,[Read More…]

How banking institutions helped to finance the drugs industry

How banking institutions helped to finance the drugs industry

  As governments across the US and Europe continue their “zero-tolerance” policies on drugs, there is one hidden dimension of the narcotics war that is very rarely acknowledged. Over 500,000 US citizens have been locked up as part of the war on drugs, however the drugs industry is still in full swing, thanks to the intervention of the banks. HSBC,[Read More…]

The Sandy Hook school is going to be demolished. However many schools in the US have been subject to school shootings and have not been demolished. What's different about Sandy Hook?

Sandy hook massacre: Sandy hook construction crews silenced with gagging order

Construction workers who have been contracted to demolish Sandy Hook Elementary School have been made to sign non-disclosure agreements before commencing work on the project, it has emerged. The contracts threaten to take out legal action against workers who publicly discuss what they might see when conducting work on the site. Employees can also be penalised if they attempt to[Read More…]

The Fukushima has been subject to a number of severe radioactive leaks this year

Heavy rain causing radioactive leaks at Fukushima

Heavy rain has caused further radioactive leaks at Fukushima, it has been reported. The findings came as a team of experts from the UN’s nuclear watchdog ended their review of Japan’s progress in cleaning up after the tsunami-sparked meltdowns of March 2011 created the worst atomic disaster in a generation. The leak is the latest in a long line of[Read More…]

Cob houses are proving particularly popular among innovative homebuilders

Mortgage-free homes soar in popularity among creative home buyers

  An increasing number of people are ditching traditional mortgages in favour of building their own debt-free homes in the UK. Creativity is making headway in the UK as an increasing number of people are making homes from wood, cob, a mix of clay, sand and straw, and even recycled shipping containers. In West Cork in Ireland for example, cob[Read More…]