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Theresa May has proposed an immigration bill designed to strip British citizens of their passports

Govt unveils plans to strip British citizens of their passports

The government has announced a sinister new plan which would pave the way for them to strip British citizens of their right to remain in the UK. Theresa May has put forward a proposal to take away the rights of British citizens to reside in this country without due process in cases where the government claims that they are acting[Read More…]

No action taken against politician accused of sexual harassment

No action taken against politician accused of sexual harassment

A Lib Dem MP has walked free after allegations of sexual harassment from female activists. An independent inquiry into allegations of impropriety made by female activists concluded that the evidence against Lord Rennard was “broadly credible”. The peer has been asked to apologise for his conduct but said he wanted to “resume his roles” in the party. The former Lib[Read More…]

Lidl promotes healthy eating

Lidl promotes healthy eating

Lidl is the first supermarket in the UK to start tackling obesity. It has currently been reported that they are going to be removing all chocolates, sweets and crisps from its 600 stores across the UK. The reason for this is the fact that they wanted to promote healthy snacks as appose to unhealthy options, which many parents are tempted[Read More…]

Kidnapped detainees are routinely tortured by US state officials in Guantanimo

CIA ordered doctors to torture detainees held in Guantanamo Bay without charge

A new report has revealed how the CIA ordered military doctors to break their oath and design new torture methods in Guantanamo Bay. Hundreds of prisoners have been kept without charge and without concrete evidence at the prison. One of the main methods of extracting confessions from them is through the use of torture. Disturbingly, a report by the Taskforce[Read More…]

Kyle McArdle was tasered multiple times by officers before passing out.

Officers fired after taser attack

Two police officers have been fired after tasering an innocent man five times for no reason, it has been reported. Kyle McArdle, 26, was dragged from the streets and said he passed out from the excruciating pain inflicted by the 50,000-volt weapons after officer’s repeatedly tasered him. He was shot in the chest, stomach and leg at point-blank range as[Read More…]