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Hip hop pioneer inspires fans across Europe

Hip hop pioneer inspires fans across Europe

When most people think of rap artists, they tend to think of mainstream musicians such as Dr Dre or Sean Combs. The problem with this is that they do not represent the broad spectrum of politically conscious hip hop music that is out there. Unfortunately, there are many who associate rap with violence, mysogyny and materialism. In fact, nothing could be further from the[Read More…]

The Selma Bar regularly hosts live music events in Leeds

Local music review: Step One

When the title of a song is “We left her blood on the floor”, it makes you wonder what the hell you have let yourself in for. But as time went on, Step One certainly lived up to their reputation as being quirky, original and interesting, and the lyrics – centred around 21st century teenage angst- turned out to be[Read More…]

Ashley Daneman has launched a music project to help people overcome their trauma

Jazz singer offers hope and inspiration through new music project

A new music project has been launched as part of a bid to inspire people who are facing severe difficulties. Jazz singer/songwriter Ashley Daneman is launching a new initiative that combines her passion for music and storytelling as part of ‘the Beauty Indestructible Project’. She is asking people to share a short story about themselves or someone they know who[Read More…]

Australian artist perceives 100 million colours

Australian artist perceives 100 million colours

Imagine having the ability to perceive colours that the vast majority of other people cannot see. Would that not open you up to a whole new different reality, which is infinitely more powerful and er, colourful than most other people are able to imagine? You see, one lady has completely shattered established scientific wisdom on how many colours a normal[Read More…]

Jonathan King

Disgraced paedophile Jonathan King invited back to star in BBC documentary

The BBC has welcomed disgraced paedophile Jonathan King to participate in a documentary about the pop group Genesis. The decision to include the former DJ who spent three and a half years in prison for his perversions on the BBC programme received a backlash from bewildered campaigners. In 2000, King was investigated by police in relation to allegations of sexual[Read More…]