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    Dear all
    I am in deep trouble and i need your urgent help to close our Akashic records down (child and I) and secure it from some Hijackers who stolen our Akashic records and equipments with fake documents under our names for frauds and killing and others malversations, please help.

    Thank you

    Marie AKA

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    Hi Cris

    Why do you think they are following you? Have you been an activist? Are you part of a marginalised group? Have you previously dated/split up with a cop? It’s hard to know what to suggest without further details.

    What did they say to you when you went to speak to them? If you would like to speak out more about your experiences, please contact us at the address above and let us know

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    I have realized since end of January last year the police have been following me. Every time I go to a coffee shop in my area soon after they will be at least 4 policemen working around. I was out of London in March for a week and when I came back my house was broken into but nothing was taken. The police were at the house when I arrived but they were more interested in where I was than how or who had broken into my house. I decided to move out and very soon after every time I use my bank card in the cashpoint a police card will pass by. On my way home from the gym in the evening they will be at least 2 police cars following the bus. I have tried to go by the police station and see if they wanted to arrest me about something but they were just looking at me. They have not given my any reason for this harassment.
    I need help. I have tried the following: change gym, not using my card, disconnect my phone line and move to a new area but it is still the same.
    Can someone tell me what can be done to stop this please .

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