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Pham Duc Duy has turned his life around after practicing Falong Gong

We have all made bad choices at some point in our lives. But for some of us, those choices have the ability to completely destroy our lives.

Drug addiction is one such choice. Becoming hooked to drugs is bad news for anybody that adopts that habit.

The good news is that it is possible to change.

For one man in Vietnam, an ancient meditation practice was the catalyst for turning his life around.

Pham Duc Duy, 29 described how he managed to beat his addiction to crack cocaine by using Falong Gong.

Pham Duc Duy was an only child, who grew up in Ha Long City in Vietnam. He described himself as a spoilt child who did not pay attention at school and disobeyed his parents.

In an interview with journalists, he said: “I was a disobedient child and my parents had to chase after me day and night to make me behave. They tried all kinds of methods, from sweet talk to scolding and even beatings. My mother shed many tears at night, and I could tell my father’s heart was broken, but back then I didn’t care.

 “My drug addiction started with the light stuff at first, but quickly escalated to heavy drugs. By grade 10, I was already addicted to heroin. It was around then that I started hanging out with criminal gangs and dropped out of school.”

He said that he soon became addicted to cocaine, which caused paranoia and exhaustion.
Pham added that he borrowed money from people he knew and pawned his family’s possessions, which caused hardship for his parents.

He added: “People may think addicts are dead inside and turn into cold-blooded killers when they crave drugs. But in reality, drug addicts, like I once was, are miserable. This is because they can see no way out but only the sad reality that their life is a dead end.”
In one last desperate attempt to save their son, his parents arranged for him to be married.

He became the father of a beautiful little girl, but his addiction to drugs led to the breakup of his marriage.

Pham became very sick and suffered from hepatitis B and C, as well as insomnia.

However, a conversation with a friend, who also happened to be a former drug addict, was to change Pham’s life forever.

Pham explained: “My friend Toan, a former drug addict who had suffered from kidney disease and depression, told me about a book called “Zhuan Falun” that explains the principles of Falun Gong, a meditation and qigong discipline from China.

 “His wife was practicing the Falun Gong exercises and introduced it to Toan. They started to practice together and it gradually helped Toan quit drugs, cure his illnesses, and steer him toward goodness.

“Toan became a completely different person as a result. He was no longer the yellow-skinned, emaciated drug addict who injected heroin all day.”

His friend’s wife went to meet Pham every day in order to take him to the Falun Gong practice.

Pham eventually immersed himself in the book, which he says helped him to develop compassion for others and reflect upon all the heartbreak he caused in the past.

He then began to practice Falun Gong regularly.

“I felt my body being cleaned out. In the first week I began the practice, I had blood in my stool, sometimes blood clots and sometimes fresh blood. Strangely, I had no pain in my abdomen, nor did I experience any abnormal feelings. I was nervous, but I came to understand that I was just ejecting all the filthy things from my body. The symptoms went away naturally soon after.,” he added.

His body slowly began to heal and despite feeling tired during the exercises, he persevered and was eventually able to come off the medication.

He added: “I apologized to my in-laws and my wife and asked them to give me another chance. My wife saw the tremendous change in me and agreed to return. I was very thankful for her forgiveness; our family was together again, happy and warm.”
Pham added that he now wants to help other young people with their addictions.

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