Esther Okada

Ten year old maths prodigy studies for undergraduate degree

On the face of it, Esther Okade is an ordinary ten year old girl, who loves playing with her dolls and watching Disney films. However, what sets Esther apart from all the rest is she is also a university undergraduate after starting a degree at the age of ten. This makes Esther one of the UK’s youngest undergraduate students. She[Read More…]

UKIP deputy chairman supported apartheid in South Africa

UKIP deputy chairman supported apartheid in South Africa

A UKIP candidate has been exposed as having been of a club that wants to restore white, colonial rule across Africa. UKIP MP Neil Hamilton, the Ukip deputy chairman and would-be election candidate, was pictured standing beside a flag that stood for racist oppression during apartheid in South Africa, in a photo taken by the Independent. Taken just four years[Read More…]

Michaela DePrince

Breaking barriers: The inspiring story of a girl who survived the brutality of civil war to become an international ballet star

Michaela DePrince is a young ballerina that as a child witnessed things that no child should have to see. She grew up as an orphan in Sierra Leone and saw her loved ones killed by rebel soldiers who invaded her village and brutally slaughtered every man, woman and child who got in their way. Born Mabinty Bangura in war-ravaged Sierra[Read More…]

Ebola: WHO announces plans to release untested vaccine

Ebola: WHO announces plans to release untested vaccine

The World Health organisation (WHO) have announced their intention to rush plans to introduce a new Ebola vaccine without testing its effectiveness. Recently, the WHO claimed that traditional methods of reducing the spread of Ebola – such as quarantine – have failed to work, so therefore they are now bringing forward the idea of enabling scientists to introduce untested vaccines[Read More…]

Gerald Nuckolls

A danger to women and children: The ugly face of police brutality in the US

Recently, much ado has been made in the media about the Django unchained actress, Daniele Watts who was recently handcuffed by police in LA after she was accused of being a prostitute. While the case was focussed on her and opened up the debate about perceived institutional racism and the actions of all of those involved on the day, there[Read More…]