Charlotte Tricker and her mother Picture: Daily Mail

Charlotte Tricker and her mother
Picture: Daily Mail

The integrity of the secretive and somewhat sinister family courts has been brought into question yet again, with two very disturbing cases that have recently come to light.

In the first case, a very well to-do professional called Charlotte Tricker, watched helplessly as her son was taken away after she made the mistake of taking her child to the doctor for an infection on his private area.

Doctors had initially questioned whether the injuries were deliberately inflicted, but after an investigation involving the police, the family were found to be innocent.

That should have been enough for them to get their child back. It was not.

Despite having a capable, hard working family, with plenty of capital to look after a child, the family were told after one fateful visit to the hospital, that they would be going home without their son.

This was rubber-stamped by the secretive family courts. Soon after that, another court ratified the adoption of the boy. Had he been earmarked for adoption, before the family courts ‘officially’ decided whether he should live with his family?

Charlotte told the Mail: “They decided to take him from us the moment we set foot in the hospital. They didn’t want me to be a good mum: they wanted adoption. Lovely children are in demand for adoption. He’s been so loved, he’ll be easy to love. If he’d really been abused, he’d be difficult, and who wants ‘damaged goods?’.

The government target is to increase adoptions of children in care. Children who go back to their parents — or to loving grandparents — do not meet the target.

Not only were the family eventually refused contact with their son, but the family accuse social services of lying in court.

However, one woman – now living in France – was not as unfortunate when it came to her brush with social services.

The unnamed woman had previously been in an abusive relationship and Bedford social services were trying to use this as an excuse to snatch her baby.

At the time, her child had not been born yet and so the pregnant lady fled to France to prevent the kidnap.

But determined not to let their prized asset get away, Bedford council’s social workers called in Interpol to track her down.

In her hospital room, the woman was surrounded with ten policeman. They showed her a newspaper article in which Bedford social services had tried to paint her as a “threat” to her baby.

They also claimed that the woman had suffered from a “personality disorder”.

Local social services in France took the baby to an orphanage while an investigation took place, and the woman was allowed to see her baby during that time.

Once it went to court, a French judge decided to refer the case to a higher court. Bedford council did not however help their case when it was found that they already had an adoptive family lined up to take the baby.

After being examined by French psychiatrists, the court rejected the claims by Bedford council and returned the child to the woman.

French judges ruled that the council’s attempt to bring the baby back to England was a breach of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, guaranteeing the right of families to be protected against unwarranted interference by the state.

Both of these cases highlight the shocking lengths that social services will go to in order to hit adoption targets and take children away from loving families.

Meanwhile, in some of the cases where children really are being abused such as the Victoria Climbié and Baby P cases, social workers have failed to take action, due to the difficulty of such cases.

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