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Protesters across the world march against Monsanto

Protesters across the world march against Monsanto

Activists from across the globe have protested against Monsanto, citing concerns about the impact of its genetically modified products on human health. Protesters from more than 500 cities and 50 countries across the world took to the streets last Saturday and called for a ban on the worldwide sale of its biotech and agrochemical products. Another reason for the demonstrations[Read More…]

Stuart with his mum

Disabled man who can’t speak, eat or wash himself asked for proof he is fit for work

A severely disabled man who is unable to speak or read has been ordered by authorities to prove he is unfit to work. Stuart Chester, 25, suffers from Down’s syndrome, epilepsy and autism and is unable to wash or feed himself and lives with his mum and full time carer Deborah McKenzie, 51, in Glasgow. He currently receives Disability Living[Read More…]

Young Afghan migrant deported for being mentally disabled

Young Afghan migrant deported for being mentally disabled

It was recently reported that a young child Afghan migrant has been locked up in Coquelles detention center near Calais. He was left without care and without monitoring by the Social Aid for Children while in post-traumatic stress disorder. He was previously imprisoned twice before his psychiatric disorders were diagnosed and where he was then placed under guardianship. He filed[Read More…]

Kam Brock

Jamaican woman sectioned for (correctly) claiming to be a businesswoman and saying Obama follows her on Twitter

A routine traffic stop turned into a nightmare for one woman in America who was locked up for 8 days in a psych ward and forcibly injected because police and then doctors did not believe she was a businesswoman. Jamaican-born Kam Brock, a 32-year old former City Banker was driving her BMW through Harlem last September when she was pulled[Read More…]

Downs teenager Abdul Al-Faisal was arrested after trying to retrieve his favourite cap

Officers abuse disabled men

Police officers who killed a man with Down’s Syndrome who would not leave a movie, have not been indicted, it has been revealed. After appearing in front of a grand jury in Frederick County, Maryland, officers Lt. Scott Jewell, Sgt. Rich Rochford and Deputy First Class James Harris, who were involved in the death of Robert Ethan Saylor, 26, will[Read More…]