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A new discovery has allowed scientists to create artificial babies without eggs, sperm or a womb.

For the first time, scientists have created a mouse embryo using only stem cells and a rotating flask of nutrients.

Researchers mixed three types of mouse embryonic stem cells, known as embryoids that replicate the first 8.5 days of the animals’ development.

These stem cells went on to form embryos spontaneously.

The embryoids featured rudimentary muscles, a burgeoning brain, and a beating heart.

David Glover, a research professor of biology and biological engineering at Caltech, was involved in the research said: “This is really the first demonstration of the forebrain in any models of embryonic development, and that’s been a holy grail for the field.”

The embryos mimic the natural processes of a real mouse embryo, and are able to self-organise into structures that later developed into beating hearts and other tissue.

While these developments are still in the early stages, this could pave the way for human babies to be created independently. 

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