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Richard Loizou, Richard Roberts and Simon Roscoe Blevins

Judge who jailed fracking protestors linked to oil and gas industry

Article submitted by Gabriel Otwerah At a time when environmental issues are getting alarmingly acute, a judge with a conflict of interest sentenced three fracking activists to prison for public nuisance. Some may be disconcerted to note that this is the first time environmental protesters getting jailed in the UK since 1932. It is even more alarming that the judge[Read More…]

Janice Alexander, author of Keys to Your Health

Wi-Fi, Vaccines and the Autism Debate. Why the attacks on Janice Alexander are unfounded

Where would we be without Wi-Fi? We’re in the age of convenience and we’ve got the benefit of having access to the internet wherever we go. Nowadays if we don’t get Wi-Fi access in a cafe or while we’re on the train, we’d see it as a major inconvenience. But is that Wi-Fi harming us? Most mainstream scientists say that[Read More…]

NHS accused of piling up body parts in waste breach

NHS accused of piling up body parts in waste breach

Article submitted by Peter Njogu The Environmental Agency (EA) has launched an investigation into the breach of permits by the National Health Service (NHS). The news emerged after it was discovered that human body parts were piled up at disposal sites that deal with clinical waste in England. The Healthcare Environmental Services (HES) is contracted by the NHS to deal[Read More…]