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Hunter Yelton

US school backs down after accusing 6 year old of sexual harassment

A US school has backed down after prompting outrage for accusing a six year old who kissed a classmate on the hand, of sexual harassment. Canon City schools, near Colorado Springs, backed down after accusing toddler Hunter Yelton of sexual harassment and suspending him after the incident. After the case attracted international attention, the school claimed that his punishment will[Read More…]

Patrick Awuah

African entrepreneur helps to inspire the next generation of leaders

A Ghanaian millionaire has ditched a highly lucrative role at Microsoft to help create the next generation of leaders in Africa, it has been reported. Patrick Awuah is the founder of Ashesi University in Ghana which is known for its high-tech facilities and strong emphasis on business, technology and leadership. He pumped millions of his own money into the venture[Read More…]