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Tina Thompson

Waitrose under the spotlight after selling glow-in-the-dark prawns

If you are thinking of buying prawns – or indeed any food from the supermarket – you may want to think twice – they could be radioactive. A former mayor has spoken of her shock after frozen prawns that she purchased from supermarket Waitrose started glowing in the dark. Tina Thompson, 69, from Rutherwyke Close, Stoneleigh, had defrosted the supermarket’s[Read More…]

UK ‘heading for nuclear disaster’ due to new power plants

UK ‘heading for nuclear disaster’ due to new power plants

Britain could be heading for a nuclear disaster if it presses ahead with plans to build a new generation of nuclear plants in Somerset, an expert has claimed. In an interview with the Guardian, Naomi Hirose, president of Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) which runs Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has warned that a similar disaster could easily befall[Read More…]

The Fukushima has been subject to a number of severe radioactive leaks this year

Heavy rain causing radioactive leaks at Fukushima

Heavy rain has caused further radioactive leaks at Fukushima, it has been reported. The findings came as a team of experts from the UN’s nuclear watchdog ended their review of Japan’s progress in cleaning up after the tsunami-sparked meltdowns of March 2011 created the worst atomic disaster in a generation. The leak is the latest in a long line of[Read More…]