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Do you have a Yahoo webcam? The British govt are using it to spy on you

Do you have a Yahoo webcam? The British govt are using it to spy on you

The photographs and intimate details of millions of web users has been captured and intercepted by British spy agency GCHQ, it has been revealed. The nefarious agency, working in conjunction with their American counterparts in the controversial snooping group – the National Security Agency (NSA) has been spying on millions of British Yahoo users. Despite the fact that many of[Read More…]

Payday lenders often advertise their services to the most vulnerable people in society

Beware of the loan sharks: Charity highlights predatory behaviour of payday lenders

Payday loan sharks have trapped an increasing number of Brits into unmanageable debts and new research has revealed that this problem is increasingly getting worse. In fact, a new report from the charity StepChange showed that the number of people seeking relief from payday lenders has shot up by 82 per cent. Worryingly most of those vulnerable people seeking help[Read More…]

Charlotte Tricker and her mother

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Why are the social services allowed to snatch British children?

The integrity of the secretive and somewhat sinister family courts has been brought into question yet again, with two very disturbing cases that have recently come to light. In the first case, a very well to-do professional called Charlotte Tricker, watched helplessly as her son was taken away after she made the mistake of taking her child to the doctor[Read More…]

Marcus Jeter

New Jersey man escapes jail after video shows cops falsifying evidence

A New Jersey man has escaped a prison sentence after evidence emerged that the police had tried to frame him. Police claimed that Marcus Jeter, 30 assaulted officers, resisted arrest and tried to elude the police. However their own dashcams told a very different story. The video in fact showed that Mr Jeter was calm and did not try to[Read More…]

Peter Cassidy has turned his life around.

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Inspirational man helps homeless to turn their lives around

A former homeless man has turned his life around and devoted his life to helping people who were once in his position. Peter Cassidy was once an addict who found himself on the wrong side of the law after being charged with murder after a drug-fuelled night he couldn’t remember. Although the charges were eventually thrown out, the incident was[Read More…]