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The CIA have been known to use the most brutal and sadistic torture methods on detainees and their children - many of which have not been proven to have committed or charged with any crime

Senate brands CIA’s torture of children and innocent families “ineffective and brutal”

The CIA’s torture program has been branded as brutal and ineffective, according to a new report. A report released by the Senate after a four-year, $40 million investigation concludes the CIA repeatedly lied about brutal techniques in the years after 9/11. It laid bare the full extent of the torture programmes used by the agency, which also lied about how[Read More…]

Kidnapped detainees are routinely tortured by US state officials in Guantanimo

CIA ordered doctors to torture detainees held in Guantanamo Bay without charge

A new report has revealed how the CIA ordered military doctors to break their oath and design new torture methods in Guantanamo Bay. Hundreds of prisoners have been kept without charge and without concrete evidence at the prison. One of the main methods of extracting confessions from them is through the use of torture. Disturbingly, a report by the Taskforce[Read More…]