Police will be exercising tighter controls over those with unpaid bills attempting to travel overseas, it has been revealed.

New legislation and tighter border controls are currently being used to identify those with outstanding TV license fees and council tax bills when they get to the airport.

Its remit could also be extended to other debts.

The UK Government’s E-Borders initiative and the Immigration Act 2014 make it easier for police and third parties to share information and carry out more in-depth checks on those going on holiday or attempting to leave Britain.

This was confirmed by the Head of Border Policing Command, Detective Superintendent Alan Crawford, who said: “There are information sharing protocols in place and we continue to work closely with our partners in law enforcement.

“We will always take action against those who have outstanding fines and/or warrants, and those who travel through our airports and seaports will undoubtedly interact with police and law enforcement as part of their journey.

“I would urge anyone who is currently subject to an outstanding fine or warrant and preparing to embark on a trip to address the matter urgently to ensure you are not inconvenienced and can fully enjoy your break.”

This new directive is currently being piloted in Scotland. Police Scotland have refused to confirm the number of people who have been caught out under these new measurements.

Anyone found guilty of evading the licence fee is given a criminal record and can be fined up to £1,000. People who fail to pay the fine will be jailed.

The Government’s E-Borders initiative was designed to track and monitor terrorists. However, like most anti-terrorism laws and directives, it is now being applied to the general population.

Its remit has also been extended to those who do not pay their TV licence. In Scotland, around 80 per cent of travellers are currently being monitored.

However, the UK Government plans to introduce blanket exit checks and wants this introduced by spring.

A spokesman for the Government said: “The police and immigration officers are jointly working to ensure the law is carried out to the letter. The Immigration Act 2014 requires transport carriers to collect passengers’ personal information and provide this to immigration and law enforcement authorities in advance of travel.

“Staff in the National Border Targeting Centre use this record of travellers passing through UK ports to conduct security checks on travellers, in order to identify persons of interest to the immigration authorities and police.”

Currently, those in Scotland who have refused to pay their fines or turn up in court are being prevented from leaving the country.

Border agency staff are tackling those with unpaid bills who are trying to exit the country and presenting them with their debts to be paid upfront.

If they refuse, they will be arrested.

An Insider for Glasgow Airport said in an interview with the Sunday Post: “Glasgow Airport is already rolling out the initiative.

“Police Scotland has detained a number of people who were planning to exit the country who have had warrants issued for non-payment of their TV licences and council tax. If a fine is outstanding, they are given an opportunity to pay it or they are arrested and prevented from leaving the country.”

Last year, around 200,000 were prosecuted for failing to pay their TV licence.

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  1. 14
    With reference to the attached Government take note Right to travel is a basic human right you’ll fined yourself at the European Court for human rights I would ask everyone to vigorously resist and stand your ground on this issue people are power unite together
  2. 18
    Go to Northern Ireland, cross the borders to the Republic of Ireland where there are no passport controls and from there you can fly anywhere to Europe bypassing the British police… simple!
  3. 7
    Sounds to me like Great Britain is preparing to put up its own Berlin Wall. Ask Cubans what it’s like to be imprisoned on their own island.
  4. 11
    Big Brother is watching
  5. 8
    The country is going mad !!! Pick on those less fortunate as per usual!!! Joke all these immigrants have human right..where’s ours TAKES THE P#@S.
  6. 38
    I see, this country is going peethong!!!! So, we leave banker walk with Billions! We leave Multi Billion Corporation dont pay tax! Starbucks! We pay for British Preachers Haters to live in London! Then we CRUSH the poor people that are breaking their nuts off! I know and I am sure that there are few abusers out there! BUT . . . . you cannot penalize the rest of the hard working class that are hardly SURVIVING!!! Jesus! Whats next!!!
  7. -84
    If you can afford a holiday you can afford your bills holidays are a luxury if you can buy a holiday you can pay your fucking bills great idea people who don’t pay bills grind our economy into the ground fuck em
    • 39
      what if your holiday is a gift from your boyfriend or a friend
    • 41
      K Cullen, you talk more shit than a little bit.
    • 46
      council tax and tv licence are the governments way of stealing money from you, you are under no obligation to pay these TAXES. LOOK INTO IT. Open your mind to the possibility that actually your endlaved in a system that is there to make the rich richer. You don’t even need to have a drivers licience to drive? It’s not a privilege….. Brainwashed completely obviously. I suppose you think that people on the dole are the reason for the countries recession too?
      • -8
        what a load of garbage the driving licence shows an ability not a tax and if no one pays council tax who pays for education etc must be that invisible man ffs what a pillock
    • 34
      What if the reason you are leaving the country is due to a family crisis or critical illness of a close relative such as your MOTHER? then what? oh no, the tv license must come first, its disgusting, who even owns us? no body owns us, we should be free without answering to other human beings who take take take and give nothing in return :(
    • 0
      You are a Dick. Thanks.
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  9. Marilyn Hart says:
    How ridiculous by the time you’re at the airport the bloody holidays paid for – start locking real villains and terrorists up!!
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  12. 79
    I’m looking for the part where they mention stopping Coprorate Executives presiding over companies evading their taxes from leaving the country. It’ there somewhere, right? Maybe they wrote it in a really small font? Or perhaps it slipped their mind?
  13. Gland-In-My-Hand says:
    Orwell will be spinning in his grave like a turbine engine!
  14. 12
    Adam (below) tells people to research this story before they believe it. He says its bullshit and that if it were true all the other bigger media organisations would have reported it. oh the irony.
  15. William Burgess says:
    I think people need to address debts early and sort out repayment plans. It’s possible and there’s plenty of legislation and guidance backing this. I can see times when this approach will not work, but for holidays I see no reason for people to pay a holiday but not pay their criminal fines. The important issue is these are criminal offences not civil ones.
  16. 31
    What if you’ve been given the holiday as a gift? Freedom of movement around the plane at is right not a privilege. If I haven’t paid a fine or bill I am still a free human. Fascism is here!
  17. 34
    What you all need to realize is this country is run by Traitors who make no mistake about it have committed Treason. All legislation since they removed the Monarch from Parliament is null and void ab inito and I refuse to acknowledge any of it. We need to get back to asserting our Rights under Common Law. You need to know the difference. Best remembered if you think of it like this: Everything Hitler did after he usurped power in Germany was deemed to be legal by him and his Reichstag. However, in the international Law Court of Nuremberg all of his legislation was deemed to be UNLAWFUL. Our famed English judges are on the record Parliament is not Sovereign in fact its the junior partner in the 3 estates of England and the UK. This is borne out by the fact that all legislation created by them is then passed up to the more senior house of Lords for ratification. The Lords can throw it out and sometimes do. “Parliament may pass a law which is repugnant against common right and reason or impossible to perform. In which case the Common Law will intercede and strike it down” Sir Edward Coke You have the right to refuse to consent to any legislation they pass that impinges upon your moral code. For example they are now pressing for sex to be made legal with children. This would give the paedophiles a free run at your child, what you going to do. Well Coke above tells us has did Blackstone that you can say NO. I say its time we all said NO and I am no longer consenting to fund this beastly system. Time to bring the corruption to an end and hang the Traitors!
  18. 44
    this is bloody ridiculous why are they worrying about things like this when extremists are openly admitting they have sex with 9 year olds this country is fucked
    • -17
      Please cite your reference so that the authorities can arrest that person. No? Didn’t think so…
    • 21
      its bloody terriable whats the airlines saying about this how can goverment say who can go on holiday and who cant its the people running this country has caused this trouble most britians have to go to food banks and take out loans to live its a shame we have to live like this people will ahve to stick together and stop this going any further
  19. 31
    so has people to go to airports even earlier now for check in this is crazy thought we lived in a free country what happens if your job is a driving job going to other countries so they going to stop every single person, as britian lives in debt because of the goverment you dont see these people going to food banks no one should live like this
  20. 29
    Wake up, Britain. It is too late already, but you citizens still can fight.
    • 11
      how are people going to pay if they jail them people will loose their jobs and whose going to look after ther kids have they really thought about this
    • 10
      how can we fight they wont let us have a say in this there going to be angry airports because they will loose a lot of money and are the planes going to be delayed when interviewing people, whose paying for all this they will need more police to deal with this its totally mad people wont have a choice in this country no more people will just have to stick together and dont book any holidays so everyone can get it across that this is not on
      • 11
        I doubt very much the airlines will give a hoot. You’ve paid for your holiday… Including the seat on the plane… They’ve got you’re money and are leaving in time whether you are seated or not. I don’t believe this is enforceable. It all seams like scare tactics to me. Funny how the main debt they’re referring to is the TV licence. When so many have cancelled their licence legally due to the corruption discovered at the BBC, it seems a pretty desperate measure to try and get money out of you. As per non payment of fines issued by courts or not showing up at court…. They’ve been using this information against travellers for a long time.
  21. Cara Mackenzie says:
    I would never have believed this if this had not happened to me. I had been sent threatening letters over a council tax bill. But I was in dispute because I had paid but it was an error on the council tax system. Next thing I know they are putting a liability order on me, as it went to court, and despite the fact I brought my bank statement showing I paid, I didn’t have a lawyer and so got screwed over. Some weeks later, I got stopped at Glasgow airport to visit relatives in France and asked if I had an outstanding council tax payment. I’m completely shocked, I don’t even know how they got this information. I tell them it is in dispute but I’m told I have to pay. I refuse as I didn’t think it was even possible for them to do anything. After a bit of an argument I get arrested by airport police and told I can’t fly if I don’t pay. I had no choice but to pay for a bill which I am still disputing. I had no idea what is going on then this story pops up here and in the Sunday Post. I never thought something like this could happen in this country but I am living proof it can. Now I am scared as I also have credit card debts (which thankfully I wasn’t asked about) so how long before that is held to ransom aswell. please publish this comment akashictimes because it is important I get my story out. Cara Mackenzie
    • 33
      I feel your pain cara same thing happened to me. tv license, edinburgh airport I was gobsmacked! this country is a dictatorship and people dont even know it. i told them i didnt have a tv but they just said i need to speak to tv licensing. no lawyer, no nothing, just took the pedo bbcs word for it!! why isnt this been covered by more mainstream media? keeping it quiet no doubt!!!
    • 3
      is this new law just in airports what about people who drive to ther holidays which cost just as much as an airfare and those people who go to blackpool it cost a good few hundred to stay in blackpool for a weekend
    • -14
      pay your bills and don’t have a problem
    • 6
      You are a Victim of “the legal mafia ” Why do you need a lawyer ! Lawyers are professional liars, the fraudsters even send you a bill ! This Country is not trading it,s way out of debt !n the Treasury is stealing your money left and right, no interest n savings, illegaly find by corrupt courts council tax. HMRC tax fines it,s State secret enslavement by index linked pension fraudsters MPs. police, Civil Servants etc somebody has to keep the malingerers in gravy !
  22. -7
    Has anyone considered that this might be bullshit? I work in the financial Industry and this is the very first I have heard about this. If it was true it would have a lot more media coverage by the larger media corporations. People should use their heads and research a little bit before believing anything they read on the internet.
    • Elizabeth S. says:
      Here you go:
      The problem with telling people to do research Adam is they may take you up on your offer. You claim if the story were true, it would have been reported elsewhere. A cursory Google search would have given you your answer. The Akashic Times even quote the Sunday Post in their bloody article! They also quote the police! And the government!
      This was confirmed by the Head of Border Policing Command, Detective Superintendent Alan Crawford, who said:
      “There are information sharing protocols in place and we continue to work closely with our partners in law enforcement. “We will always take action against those who have outstanding fines and/or warrants, and those who travel through our airports and seaports will undoubtedly interact with police and law enforcement as part of their journey. “I would urge anyone who is currently subject to an outstanding fine or warrant and preparing to embark on a trip to address the matter urgently to ensure you are not inconvenienced and can fully enjoy your break.”
      Indeed Adam. Do your research. Sir, you’d do well to take your own advice. The Akashic Times are a little late to the party, but judging how much this has been circulated, it seems many, including yourself had not heard of this. Plus, judging by what the story says, the remit is set to be extended this year. So I suppose that is a slightly “newer” angle. Oh Adam. Please do your research and wake up. If you do indeed work in the finance industry, it is even more worrying.
    • Mark Jacobs says:
      Adam, the only one talking bullshit is you. A couple of others have posted extensive links on here. So much for your research. If you are in the finance industry, you should get more clued up.
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  24. 38
    This is getting out of hand like. We’ll soon been back in the feckin dark ages.
  25. 22
    alot of the time its a treat from someone else and pay for a holiday because some people need a break no one noes this persons personal life its a joke how police and goverment can decide who can go on holiday so it sounds if your rich its no problam its a shame to say am british
  26. 46
    Get out of this country while you can and never come back, this government are a joke. They should spend more time trying to get people off benefits and into work instead of spending money on this shite ! I hate the UK as soon as I can im out of here
  27. 40
    1984 looms
  28. 43
    And then lock them up in jail until they can pay? Let’s see… superstition, wars of aggression, religious wars, torture, mercenary armies. Yeah, fits perfectly! Welcome back 18th century!
  29. -56
    I agree with this, people shouldn’t be allowed to flout their responsibilities. It should also be extended to out-standing maintenance payments as we have recently seen someone go to Barbados for two weeks while not being able to make the payments for their two children. On the flip side though, they should probably concentrate a little more on those entering the country.
    • -39
      I agree with you Adam. Basic priorities have gone out of the window,,,smart phone, mega cinima size tv,flash car, nice holiday, but oh dear cant pay my council tax, tv licence , cant insure my car or tax it,,,sorry chap,,,dont go on holiday,,,cos us legal paid up our duties people will have to pick up YOUR DEBTS>
      • 60
        Wow, you sound like a proud slave.
      • 14
        Yes; wow! Quite disturbing.
      • 1
        Smart phones, large tv’s who cares who owned what, ever thought that they may have had a good job and paid for these while paying tax, then all of a sudden your company goes tits up and you are without a job. What happens to you adam if you’re laid off, Quote ” us legal paid up our duties people will have to pick up YOUR DEBTS” Don’t judge others until you know their situation to prevent you looking like a presumptions judgemental tosser that you clearly are!
  30. Diana White says:
    I completely agree with paying debts before going on holiday. It is a matter off principle.
    • 11
      Away fuck yir sels. There is no way anybody is getting arrested for not paying council tax it I not illegal to not pay ur debts so Na no way are people being arrested for this if they don’t pay the bill at the airport it would be a waste of time coz its not a criminal matter so no charges could be brought against u then they would owe u the money paid for ur holiday.
      • 15
        It is actually currently a criminal offence to not pay Council Tax and TV licence so get your facts straight before you start ballooning. Oh, and learn English.
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  32. 2
    What ever happened to the Imprisonment of debtors act?
  33. Christian Finch says:
    Welcome to Fascism. We now live in a police state, constantly under survailence by cctv. Schools are now surrounded by huge fences so they get kids used to an imprisonment environment. We all bought into the hatred, the excuses made by government to ‘protect us’. Each year we lose more and more of our liberty while sitting idley by blaming made up terrorists.
  34. 26
    @ Clint Actually I have seen plenty of cases where police HAVE got involved, despite it NOT going to court. I was one such case. Police turned up at my doorstep. Shows how much you know. Keep sleeping
  35. clint jacobs says:
    Any outstanding tv/council tax etc would be a civil matter not a criminal matter therefore police would not get involved unless an arrest warrant had been issued
    • 13
      Clint Jacobs: This was confirmed by the Head of Border Policing Command, Detective Superintendent Alan Crawford “We will always take action against those who have outstanding fines and/or warrants, and those who travel through our airports and seaports will undoubtedly interact with police and law enforcement as part of their journey.” – outstanding warrants AND/OR fines. Along with the blanket checks suggest police WILL get involved whether a warrant has been issued or not – straight from the horse mouth
    • -6
      Wrong these are criminal acts and heard in a magistrates court always has been.
      • 29
        This is outrageous. I have a part-unpaid water bill – I refuse to pay – the amount is disputed. It is a civil matter for a county court to decide. My son is being harassed for non-payment of a TV license – only he refuses to pay, disputes it and doesn’t need one. No liability order nor other court decision. For this we are to be imprisoned in our own country? How long before we are under house curfew? I would say at any one time most people have at least one overdue utility, local authority or legal bill whether or not subject to any court order.

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