The US has secretly been arming Taiwan


In a subtle yet potentially perilous move, the United States is covertly funneling an $80 million (£63 million) grant into Taiwan for the acquisition of American military equipment. While this may appear as a routine transaction, the implications of Washington using its own funds to arm a region it officially doesn’t acknowledge are profound. China’s vehement opposition, a departure from its usual reaction, underscores the sensitivity of this clandestine development.

In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last year, FMF has been instrumental in delivering approximately $4 billion in military aid to Kyiv. While billions more have been dispatched to countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Egypt, and others, it is noteworthy that, up until this point, FMF allocations have exclusively gone to nations or entities officially recognised by the United Nations. Taiwan does not fall within this recognised category.

The US State Department maintains that this doesn’t indicate a change in its policy, but actions speak louder than words. In Taipei, it is evident that the United States is reshaping its ties with the island, particularly given the urgency with which Washington is encouraging Taiwan to bolster its military capabilities. 

Wang Ting-yu, a ruling party legislator with close ties to Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen, and to US Congressional chiefs confirmed this by stating: “The US is emphasising the desperate need to improve our military capacity. It is sending a clear message of strategic clarity to Beijing that we stand together.”

He asserted that the $80 million is just the beginning of what might unfold as a substantial initiative. Furthermore, he highlights that back in July, President Biden utilised discretionary powers to authorise the transaction of military services and equipment amounting to $500 million for Taiwan. He suggests this could signify the commencement of a financial commitment reaching up to $10 billion over the next five years.

However the US intervention in Taiwan does not end with just funding. According to Mr Wang, Taiwan is gearing up to dispatch two battalions of ground troops to the United States for training, marking the first occurrence of such an event since the 1970s.

Highlighting the prolonged duration of military equipment deals, Dr Lai I-Ching, president of the Prospect Foundation, a Taipei-based think-tank, said, “But with FMF, the US is dispatching weapons directly from its own stocks, and it’s US money—so we don’t need to go through the whole approval process.”

When reporters inquire about the purpose of the US funds, the Ministry of National Defence in Taipei typically responds with a knowing smile and tightly sealed lips.

The US has also offered military support and training to Taiwan

Nonetheless, Dr. Lai suggests that educated guesses can be made, pointing to potential acquisitions such as Javelin and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles—highly effective weaponry that forces can swiftly learn to utilise.

As the US injects funds and retrains Taiwan’s military, it enters a delicate dance between support for the island and the risk of provoking China. The vulnerabilities in Taiwan’s military structure are becoming increasingly apparent, posing a challenge that the US seems eager to address behind the scenes. 

As expressed by a seasoned observer of China: “It is imperative to maintain silence on the matter of strategic ambiguity, all the while ensuring that Taiwan is extensively equipped for its defense.”

Unveiling the risks of US involvement in Taiwan requires a closer examination of the subtle maneuvers taking place behind closed doors. The strategic ambiguity that once defined US policy is navigating a precarious path, with implications that extend beyond the Taiwan Strait. As America seemingly arms Taiwan against an evolving regional backdrop, the shadows cast by this covert intervention raise concerns about the unforeseen consequences that may follow.

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