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Smog has been a consistent and growing problem in China

China orders insurance companies to stop compensating smog victims

Barely a week after the reports of dangerously high levels of smog in China hit the headlines across the world, authorities have made a bizarre attempt at damage-control. It has now been reported that lawmakers in the country have ordered the two largest insurers in China to stop selling their policies. The directive comes just a week after the policies[Read More…]

Smog has been reported in some areas of London

London smog contributing to health problems and death in the city

Much has been reported about the smog that is negatively impacting the health of millions of people in China. However, the problem has also been seen in London. A recent study has revealed that London is currently experiencing ‘very high’ air pollution levels, reaching ’10′ on the government’s score of 1-10. This has been caused by a combination of high[Read More…]

G-Money anyone? Will Google overtake Paypal to become a leading payments system?

The rise of G-Money: Google announces plans to launch electronic currency

Are we being pushed towards an electronic crypto-currency in the future? Some would say not after the well documented Bitcoin crash has helped to cast doubts over the future of electronic money. Or has it? Say hello to Google’s new e-Money system. But before we go into that, let’s take a brief trip back to last year. In May 2013,[Read More…]

Fannie Sebolela

Ex gardener turns impoverished school into one of South Africa’s best

The power of the human spirit has never failed to amaze. It is incredibly inspirational to hear about individuals who have singlehandedly helped to change their communities for the better. And why is this important? It is important because not only does it encourage others to do the same in a world where all we hear about is doom and[Read More…]

Police admit pressuring activists to turn into spies

Police admit pressuring activists to turn into spies

British police have come under fire after arresting people from activist groups and trying to coerce them into becoming spies for the state. A young anti-racism activist who wishes to remain anonymous told reporters of how she felt “vulnerable and intimidated” after an undercover police officer tried to pressure her into spying on her colleagues. Other campaigners have come forward[Read More…]