Smog has been reported in some areas of London

Smog has been reported in some areas of London

Much has been reported about the smog that is negatively impacting the health of millions of people in China.

However, the problem has also been seen in London. A recent study has revealed that London is currently experiencing ‘very high’ air pollution levels, reaching ’10′ on the government’s score of 1-10.

This has been caused by a combination of high pressure trapping in stale air and pollution blowing over from the continent.

In some parts of the city, the pollution has helped to form a haze in the air – not too dissimilar from some of the smogs seen in China.

Higher levels of particulates – tiny particles that we breathe in and embed themselves into our lungs – have also been reported.

Air pollution often has a particularly significant impact on people with respiratory problems like asthma and also heart disease.

It is also reported to have led to unpleasant sinus infections in some people. Around 4,000 die each year from air pollution in the city.

As a result of the smog that has been appearing in parts of London, the Green party has urged the Boris Johnson, Mayor of London to issue smog alerts on high air pollution days, so people in at-risk categories can make informed decisions.

Currently, Londoners can sign up for alerts from the London Air Quality Network, run by King’s College, or local boroughs. However this is not always flagged up to those who live in the city, and has less of an impact than a public announcement from official sources.

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