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MPs will be able to hide their expenses

MPs demand secrecy over public expenses while ordinary Brits subjected to more surveillance

MPs who are suspected of fiddling expenses will receive special protection under the law, it has been revealed. The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority wants to withhold the names of those under investigation to save them from ‘reputational damage’. It also wants to raise MPs’ pay by 10 per cent and bar the public from hearings. While everyone else in the[Read More…]

Ebola: WHO announces plans to release untested vaccine

Ebola: WHO announces plans to release untested vaccine

The World Health organisation (WHO) have announced their intention to rush plans to introduce a new Ebola vaccine without testing its effectiveness. Recently, the WHO claimed that traditional methods of reducing the spread of Ebola – such as quarantine – have failed to work, so therefore they are now bringing forward the idea of enabling scientists to introduce untested vaccines[Read More…]

Beatrice Morgan

Pensioner dies in care home after being hoisted into scalding hot bath

A recent case has helped to throw open the appalling level of care that some elderly people receive in ‘care’ homes across the UK. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recently fined Greencroft Nursing Home after 88 year old pensioner Beatrice Morgan was lowered into a bath of scalding hot water, which resulted in her suffering severe burns to her[Read More…]

Monsanto donates millions to anti-GMO labelling campaign

Monsanto donates millions to anti-GMO labelling campaign

Monsanto has hit the headlines recently, after donating $4.7 million to a campaign against GMO (genetically modified organism) labelling in Colorado. The donation is the largest of the most recent reporting period from Sept. 11 to 24. It is one of the primary producers of genetically modified seeds and chemical products in the world. The corporation is opposing Proposition 105[Read More…]

Jonathan King

Disgraced paedophile Jonathan King invited back to star in BBC documentary

The BBC has welcomed disgraced paedophile Jonathan King to participate in a documentary about the pop group Genesis. The decision to include the former DJ who spent three and a half years in prison for his perversions on the BBC programme received a backlash from bewildered campaigners. In 2000, King was investigated by police in relation to allegations of sexual[Read More…]