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David Cameron unveils plans to ban free speech and protest

David Cameron unveils plans to ban free speech and protest

The government has unveiled plans to ban anyone who criticises it from appearing on TV or protesting. Under the guise of protecting the public from ‘extremism’ the government proposal will allow police to vet the social media activity of “harmful” individuals and curb their right to speak at public events. The maximum sentence could be up to 10 years in[Read More…]

JP Morgan lost the details of 76 million users

Why JP Morgan data breach should worry us all

Over 76 million households may have had their details revealed to scammers and fraudsters, thanks to JP Morgan. In addition, eight million small business were exposed in a data breach in yet another farcical lack of security. It is the largest-known cyber-attacks to take place this year. The breach affected people who visited the firm’s websites, including, or used[Read More…]

Freudian slip? David Cameron ‘resents’ poor people

Freudian slip? David Cameron ‘resents’ poor people

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Ian Duncan Smith has unveiled plans to force terminally ill people to stock shelves

Govt to force terminal cancer patients to stock shelves

Those with terminal cancer and other severe diseases in the UK face being forced to stock shelves in Tesco and doing other work experience or face losing their benefits, it has been revealed. The government announced that those with more than six months to live could have to do work experience or see their payments slashed under the scheme by[Read More…]

Yoga and meditation are thought to assist in brain training

Scientists prove yoga and meditation helps to change the brain

A new study has helped to shed light on the benefits of yoga and meditation. Scientists at the University of Minnesota have recently rediscovered what spiritualists and Buddhists have known for centuries: yoga and meditation improves the brain and the ability of individuals to think better. In other words, it aids consciousness. The study showed that those who practice meditation[Read More…]