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The CIA have been known to use the most brutal and sadistic torture methods on detainees and their children - many of which have not been proven to have committed or charged with any crime

Senate brands CIA’s torture of children and innocent families “ineffective and brutal”

The CIA’s torture program has been branded as brutal and ineffective, according to a new report. A report released by the Senate after a four-year, $40 million investigation concludes the CIA repeatedly lied about brutal techniques in the years after 9/11. It laid bare the full extent of the torture programmes used by the agency, which also lied about how[Read More…]

Yarl's Wood prison, where many women are locked up despite being charged with no crime

Govt renews contract to Serco despite rape allegations

Serco, the notorious corporation with staff members who committed the most appalling abuse against women and children, has been given a second contract by the government. The Home Office renewed the private security giant’s contract to run a controversial women’s immigration detention centre where staff have been accused of sexual misconduct. It paid £70 million to Serco to operate Yarl’s[Read More…]

Arnold schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Haim Saban at the Zionist gala

Zionist celebs support slaughter of Palestinians

A number of celebrities were pictured supporting the Zionist army responsible for slaughtering Palestinians, at a gala in Los Angeles. Famous faces at the sickening fundraiser – which aimed to raise money for the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) – included Pamela Anderson, Arnold schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Haim Saban, to name but a few. Speaking at the eventm Pamela Anderson,[Read More…]

Downs teenager Abdul Al-Faisal was arrested after trying to retrieve his favourite cap

Officers abuse disabled men

Police officers who killed a man with Down’s Syndrome who would not leave a movie, have not been indicted, it has been revealed. After appearing in front of a grand jury in Frederick County, Maryland, officers Lt. Scott Jewell, Sgt. Rich Rochford and Deputy First Class James Harris, who were involved in the death of Robert Ethan Saylor, 26, will[Read More…]

Police state in the West: The ugly face of police brutality

Police state in the West: The ugly face of police brutality

Over the last few weeks, police brutality has taken the spotlight in US, after yet another unarmed black man was gunned down on the streets of America. Of course, the police justified it in the way they always do, and claimed that Michael Brown – the man who was gunned down – was a criminal who had just robbed a[Read More…]