Setting up your business can be tough at the best of times. Nowadays, as the economy slowly and surely starts to recover, an increasing number of people are rejecting the traditional 9-5 paradigm, and taking their future into their own hands.

Daniel Orija is one such person. He is the founder of the fashion label Daniel and Lade, which was created in order to allow men to design and create their own custom clothing, but at an affordable price.

Interestingly, Daniel himself was never a fashion addict. As a student of biomedical sciences, he simply created the business out of his own desire to obtain stylish clothing, that was different to what the high-street fashion corporations were pushing.

As a result of his own quest for good quality clothing, the fashion label, Daniel and Lade was born.

But it is more than just a men’s tailor. It is a fashion label which actively seeks to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor by allowing those on moderate incomes to have access to stylish, made-to-,measure clothing, which does not come from some sweatshop or generic factory, but is instead made by experts who are passionate about individuality and quality.

Speaking to the Akashic Times, Daniel said: “As a student in 2010, I was searching for a top quality suit, something unique and different from what was offered off the rack (blues, blacks or greys). I wanted something with individuality but I could only come by such quality by getting a bespoke suit. However, it blew my mind off when I went to Savile row in London and was told I had to pay £2700 for a suit.

From then on, the desire to bridge the gap between the haves and have nots or better said people like myself was hard pressed on my mind. i did a lot of research online, studied practically all i could find about men’s suits, went to Savile row again, this time shadowing a tailor to see how they relate with their clients and here we are today.”

Daniel added that his main goal is to raise awareness about what his brand does and to fuse technology with fashion.

Most people do not immediately associate technological innovation with fashion. However, what makes Daniel and Lade particularly unique, according to its founder, is that the store actually supplies and facilitates the use of state-of-the-art technology in order to create unique and unusual designs.

What makes this even more impressive is that it has not been created by a giant, global fashion corporation with millions of pounds to throw into expansion and innovation.

It has been inspired and created by a student who happens to be passionate about the future of men’s clothing and celebrating the individual.

Daniel Orija

Daniel Orija

Daniel explained: “Our vision moving forward in the next couple of years is to fuse technology with tailoring/shoe-making and create an uber tailor shop. We will a high-tech store where clients come in, design their suits, garments and shoes themselves using our platforms laid out on the pods in store. It will be the first of its kind in the UK. Clients can also get measured via our measurement cubicle using the 3D augmented reality. It creates a unique feel to the experience and allows our clients to get a hands on experience with the entire design process.”

The company has already attracted attention from famous faces such as rising star David Ajala who played a bounty hunter in the Dark Knight. Mr Ajala has already invested in a number of clothing items from the label.

Culture has been a very big influence on Daniel and over the next few months, he will be running a special promotion designed to highlight the way that African-style prints and clothing has had an impact on the high street.

In fact, African style prints have been so influential, that he predicts that safari shirts, trousers and shorts will make a comeback on the high street as an increasing number of men move away from celebrity-inspired clothing, towards a more individualistic and natural look.

But of course, single handedly running a global menswear store is far from easy. One of the biggest challenges that lay ahead for the label is in raising awareness of its brand and competing with some of the bigger – and more pricey – corporations out there.

Daniel’s main advantage is that he is able to offer luxury custom suits at below-market prices, which in many ways is necessary to compete with some of the bigger fashion labels.

As a result, he has launched a summer promotion where he will be cutting hundreds of pounds off of some of his most expensive suits, in a bid to attract more people and raise the profile of the company.

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