The Fourth Reich? Why Ukraine coup should worry us all

Violence has spilled out onto the streets of Ukraine. Residents are living in fear of armed thugs from the Right Sector that – with the backing of Western forces – led a coup which ousted former president, Victor Yanukovych. Thugs have been parading the streets armed with clubs, helmets and bombs and have unleashed brutal violence on the police, overtaken[Read More…]

Global Protection employees refuse to control freight trains to England

Employees of the company Global Protection, who are in charge of monitoring an area of​rail freight at Eurotunnel, didn’t control freight trains bound for the UK earlier this month. The reason for their strike was due to the fact that they are at the end of their contract between their company and the company Réseau Ferré de France. On May[Read More…]

The Rwandan Intelligence chief finally sent to court

The Rwandan Intelligence chief finally sent to court

It was recently reported that a court in France has begun the hearing of a former Rwandan intelligence chief charged with complicity in the 1994 genocide. Pascal Simbikangwa, is a paraplegic after a car crash in 1986 and has used a wheelchair ever since. He joined the secret service and in 2008 and was arrested in Mayotte – a French[Read More…]

No action taken against politician accused of sexual harassment

No action taken against politician accused of sexual harassment

A Lib Dem MP has walked free after allegations of sexual harassment from female activists. An independent inquiry into allegations of impropriety made by female activists concluded that the evidence against Lord Rennard was “broadly credible”. The peer has been asked to apologise for his conduct but said he wanted to “resume his roles” in the party. The former Lib[Read More…]

Francois Hollande

French President “causes mass depression amongst his people”

The emergency address made by President Francois Hollande on French television last night could certainly be a good political move to calm down his political rivals. The reason for this last minute emergency address was due to the revelations of his affair with Julie Gayet. He wanted to avoid any more embarrassing revelations getting out. He claimed that he and his[Read More…]