Vicky Thomas

Vicky Thomas

A penniless Miami mother who was caught stealing food from a shop by a policewoman was spared jail, after the officer agreed to pick up the tab for her.

Instead of arresting her, officer Vicki Thomas took pity on Jessica Robles and even paid the grocery bill for her.

After news of the story spread, scores of people have offered to donate food and money.

Over $7000 was raised as a result, and she even landed a job at a local call center after the owner heard her story.

John Challenor from invited Robles in to see her resume and hired her as a customer service representative on the spot.

Officer Thomas who has been working at the force for 23 years, told WSVN: ‘I made the decision to buy her some groceries because arresting her wasn’t going to solve the problem with her children being hungry.”

Instead she sent her home with a misdemeanor after conducting a background check which revealed that Robles was not a habitual shoplifter. Thomas then offered to help her buy some groceries.

The case goes to show how heavy handed or excessive policing is not always the answer to solving some crimes.

Robles said that thanks to the action of local good samaritans, her children will never have to go hungry again. “There’s no words I could tell you right now,” she said: “I’m grateful that you took the time and helped somebody out, especially somebody like me.”

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