Inga Diroziute

Inga Diroziute

Positive beliefs are essential for business success, according to one pioneering businesswoman who started her very own raw food cafe in Sheffield.

Inga Diroziute is only 26, and has already experienced a fair degree of success with her business. After just three and a half months of opening to the public, she already has a steady stream of customers dining at her restaurant. With a little help from family and friends she has not only helped to cure her loved ones of asthma, she set up Pure On Raw – the only outlet dedicated to raw, vegan cuisine in Sheffield.

Both her husband and son suffered from asthma and medication only helped to alleviate the condition temporarily. Her quest to find a ‘cure; for her loved ones led her on a journey to America where she learned about the nutritional benefits of incorporating fresh uncooked fruits and vegetables into the diet.

After overcoming her initial reluctance to switch to this new way of eating, not only did her family’s health condition disappear to the point where they no longer needed medication, her own health and wellbeing started to improve.

Her friends urged her to share this knowledge along with her passion for raw food with others, and thus Pure On Raw was born.

But Inga says the real key to her success was faith and visualisation. Many business leaders emphasise the importance of self-belief but for Inga, it’s about more than just having confidence in your abilities.

As someone who started from relatively humble beginnings, without much money to invest in business, she said that after months of visualisation exercises and refusing to let negative thoughts tarnish her dreams, the money started to flow in.

She said: “It did cost us a lot to re-do the place but the money came automatically from unexpected places. When you really want something, you’ll find a way for that wish to come true. things just happened naturally and I’ve been lucky to be able to afford to rebuild everything.

“If you think about negative things all of the time, you will unknowingly attract that into your life and the reverse is also true. I do believe that you attract the things you think about most of the time. I have seen this in my life so many times and I think you really have to be careful what you wish for and what you think about. Keep negativity out.”

Originally from Lithuania, Inga said that although she had her initial doubts about her ability to coordinate everything, especially as English was not her first language, her renewed focus on ‘the law of attraction’ helped to make it all possible.

She currently employs two other people to work at her cafe, although she is confident about the prospect of creating further jobs if business continues to go as well as it is now.

Despite the initial reluctance that many have to going raw, many become hooked after trying samples of raw food cuisine.

“Sometimes people are hesitant about eating raw food, and say ‘it’s all cold’. But what I do is i give them samples, so they can see if they will like it or not”, she said “ I’ve not had a customer walk away yet. The best way for them to be convinced is to try it themselves. Trying to convince people won’t do any good, you have to show them proof.

Inga is one of a growing number of people in the UK who are starting their own business. According to recent statistics published by the Office for National Statistics, the number of self-employed people in the UK has risen to a record high.

Since 2008 the total has grown by 367,000 to 4.2million, while the number in employment fell by 434,000.

It seems that with competition for jobs at an all time high, many young people like Inga, are opting to become their own boss to escape a life on the dole.

So what is her advice for those with similar aspirations?

“Dream! Dream! Dream! Only think about positive things while you dream. You’d be surprised that good things do happen but definitely do not allow even one little thought of negativity. Never ever allow yourself to believe you won’t make it because it is all untrue. Anybody can do anything they really dream of. I’m a big believer in it!”

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