Imagine waking up one morning to find that there was no electricity powering the fridge, the freezer, the telephone, coffee machine, hot water, heating, computer, oven, and other essential devices of modern life. How would you cope? What would you do?

This is exactly what had happened the morning of the July 2nd for the inhabitants of a town called Calais in Northern France. It’s inhabitants woke up as usual, thinking that daily life would be waking up to the same routine, and that one would be able to take a shower, drink a cup of coffee, and read the online newspaper.

However on this day, this was not possible. EDF had cut the electricity without warning. No-one knew why. Daily routine had to change that morning. No longer could one take a shower, read the online newspaper, and drink a cup of coffee, or telephone EDF to ask why they have cut the power. Then suddenly as if by chance, a few hours later, EDF switched on the power supply, hoping that nobody had noticed.

Is this a taste of things to come in the future? Will we all be subjected to freak power cuts during the night in our own homes?

One day we will be told that gas will no longer exist, and that we are not to rely on it. It is what the governments tell us. They cleverly use this strategy to sell us the idea that nuclear power is reliable, because there won’t be any power cuts, and that it is the cheapest form of energy for our homes. Is this truth or lies? We see our energy bills increasing at an alarming rate. We have never seen gas companies cut our gas. Have you ever experienced a gas cut?

Whatever the outcome will be in the future regarding the way we live, one thing is for sure: we need to start thinking about ways in which we create our own energy. And if one day EDF, one of the largest energy companies in Europe does fail us, we all have a back-up system in place so that we can at least, take a shower, have heating to keep us warm, be able to have a cup of tea or coffee in the morning, to stop our fridge and freezer from defrosting, and be able to cook using an electric oven. It is this ideology that will help us in the future, and allow us to survive in a world in which we know.

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