Wednesday May 28th marked a special day in the gay community as the very first gay couple got married. There were emotional scenes as the couple said I do, at a ceremony in the town hall in the southern city of Montpellier in front of hundreds of specially invited guests, which also included the world’s media.

Before the ceremony took place, one could find tight security presence inside and outside of the town hall after fears of a backlash from opponents, which in recent days saw violent protests against gay marriage. The local authorities were not going to allow anything to spoil the special day as the happy couple by the name of Autin, 40 and Boileau, 30 had to be escorted by the police from their hotel into the town hall. Upon arrival they were greeted by well wishers, but were also jeered by some opponents of same-sex unions.

The authorities in Montpellier had initially planned to broadcast the civil marriage on big screens in the city centre but abandoned those plans due to fears over security.

The ceremony was carried out by the Mayor Hélène Mandroux. In her speech before vows were exchanged, Mandroux said the wedding was a “historic moment.”

She told the happy couple: “Your story ties in with the story of a whole country, a society that progresses in the fight against all forms of discrimination.”

According to Mandroux, the country’s first gay wedding marked the fulfilment of an election promise made by President François Hollande.

“The law of marriage for all is a law of liberty, equality and fraternity,” she added.

Autin and Boileau then exchanged vows and were pronounced “husband and husband” provoking a cheer from their friends and family. Frank Sinatra’s “Love and Marriage” was played after they officially signed the marriage forms.

During the speeches that followed after the ceremony, Autin, 40, thanked his supporters and family.

Fighting back tears, said in a speech directed at opponents of gay marriage: “Love yourselves, love us, because that’s all that matters”. He also commended the hard work of ‘militants’ who had battled for the legality of same-sex unions.

Upon leaving the building,  he was met by cheering crowds of supporters, as well as well wishers who gathered outside to watch this historic moment in French history.

The happy occasion was broadcast live on television images that were beamed all over the world by journalists from Al Jazeera and CNN. These were among the estimated 200 journalists who were accredited for the event.


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