Two tower blocks have been locked down

Dozens of people were forced to remain inside 2 German tower blocks due to one person testing positive for the Indian variant, it has been revealed.

Of the 189 residents tested, 19 tested positive, but all were forced into compulsory quarantine after surge testing was introduced. 

It is not yet clear whether any of those people are infected with the Indian variant since genetic sequencing – which is used to detect variants – takes up to a week to complete.

Health officials have so far refused to say how long the quarantine might last.

Work is currently underway to trace anyone that may be connected to those in forced quarantine. 

Residents have been kept inside by guards stationed outside of their tower block. 

Germany currently bans all travel to or from countries with ‘variants of concern’, including India, with the only exemption being for returning German citizens.

Even then, citizens have to go straight home from the airport and quarantine for 14 days with no exceptions. 

Health officials claimed that they have no idea if vaccines will help to ease the spread of the Indian variant. 

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