Officers surprised the young girl and her family with a Christmas tree

Officers surprised the young girl and her family with a Christmas tree

Officers from Boynton Beach Police Department in Florida helped to bring a smile to the face of one young girl this Christmas after surprising her with a Christmas tree.

They had responded to a hangup and subsequently discovered that a baby had been playing with the phone in the house.

However, while officers Barry Ward, 49, and Terrence Paramore, 27, were there, they noticed the family was struggling financially.

Stephanie Slater, a police department spokesperson revealed how the officers then spoke to the girl’s mother about the upcoming holidays and the girls mother revealed how they were struggling financially.

The young girl then explained how she was sad she didn’t have a Christmas tree.

The officers then purchased a tree along with ornaments and decorations the next day and surprised the family with it.

Slater then revealed how they were touched by the grateful girl’s reaction.

But the good deeds aren’t over yet. The officers plan to deliver presents to the family, donated by the local community, just before the Christmas.

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