scottishvote fraud

Thousands have demanded a recount of the vote in Scotland after claims that it was rigged. More than 90,000 people have signed an online petition calling for last weeks’ Scottish Independence vote to be recounted.

The petition, which has been published on the campaigns website, says that “Yes” votes were deliberately put into a “No” pile, and that there were “strange occurrences with dual fire alarms” in some voting centres, alongside “clear cut fraud in Glasgow”.

Despite the First minister of Scotland Alex Salmond urging Yes Campaigners just to accept the status quo, there were growing calls for a recount after videos emerged showing a number of pro-independence “Yes” votes being put into “No” piles to distort the result.

Accusations of dirty tricks and underhanded tactics to undermine Scotlands’ pro-independence movement has also led to the formation of a new campaign, “We are the 45 percent,” referring to the percentage of Scots who voted “Yes”.

The campaign aims to use social media to maintain pro-independence sentiment in Scotland, especially among young voters.

In Scotland, the results of the vote has only served to deepen divisions. On Twitter and YouTube, in blog posts and Facebook groups, sceptics have been gathering video and pictorial evidence of vote rigging, and despite this many from the ‘No’ camp claim that those who wanted independence are just ‘sore losers’.

However, in this video here, it clearly shows a ‘Yes’ vote placed in the ‘No’ section.

Another widely circulated photograph from the Dundee count appears to show a yes vote, bundled with others, sitting in the no pile.

Some have also circulated footage that shows a counting officer in Edinburgh writing on a ballot paper.

Voters also spoke of the fact that a Russian observer from a pro-Kremlin monitoring agency had claimed the ballot was fixed to avoid parallels to the situation in Crimea.

Meanwhile, the newspapers have been inundated with reports of the Queen and other political elites “purring” with joy at the outcome.

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