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An indigenous tribe in Brazil has kicked out a group of miners and barred them from exploiting the minerals and resources on their land, it has been reported.

When miners came to dig up precious metals on the Tropas River, a tributary of Tapajós river, in a region west of Pará, the indigenous Munduruku people turned up to drive the miners off of the land.

The tribespeople were made up of warriors and older teenagers who all turned up to send the miners packing.

Paigomuyatpu, chief of the warriors, told the miners: “You have ten minutes to get out. Get your things, go away, and don’t come back. This is the land of the Munduruku.”

The action came after a number of complaints to government agencies fell on deaf ears.

The illegal exploration of the mine inside the indigenous land dates all the way back to the 1980s.

Often interpreters and advocates for the tribes people report that the indigenous people are often threatened, coerced or bribed into allowing mining companies to exploit the area.

Paigomuyatpu, chief of the Munduruku warriors, said that miners have caused various problems throughout indigenous communities, including pollution, disruption and coercion.

He added: “The miners already made too many damages in our territory. We are evicting problems, sickness, and many other things that are happening. We are evicting this for our future generation.”

The Munduruku are also conducting surveillance long the Tropas river, Kaburuá river, Kadiriri river, and Kabitutu river, to prevent any miners from returning and causing problems.

In total, the Munduruku confiscated twelve dredges which are used to dig mines in the area. Currently, they are deciding what should be done with them.

Paigomuyatpu added; “In relation to the mines, they will stay put. After a month passes and we decide what we are going to do with machines [or] if we are going to do projects to benefit the communities in the area where there are already machines. But we need alternative projects to generate funds for the community, like fish farming, flour production, nut extraction, copal and honey.”

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