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Secret germ warfare tests were routinely conducted on the public right up until the 80s, it can now be revealed.

These tests began just before World War Two and lasted until 1979, according to the Ministry of ‘Defence’.

Many of these tests involved releasing potentially dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms over vast swaths of the population without the public being told.

Although some information over the secret trials have been released over recent years, this new report uncovers new information about more than 100 covert experiments.

The report reveals that military personnel were briefed to tell any ‘inquisitive inquirer’ the trials were part of research projects into weather and air pollution.

The government claims no actual bacteria were used, and that only substances which mimicked the germs were used. However, families in certain areas of the country who have children with birth defects are demanding a public inquiry.

One chapter of the report, ‘The Fluorescent Particle Trials’, reveals how between 1955 and 1963, planes flew from north-east England to the tip of Cornwall along the south and west coasts, dropping huge amounts of zinc cadmium sulphide on the population. The chemical drifted miles inland, its fluorescence allowing the spread to be monitored. In another trial using zinc cadmium sulphide, a generator was towed along a road near Frome in Somerset where it spewed the chemical for an hour.
While the Government has insisted the chemical is safe, cadmium is recognised as a cause of lung cancer and during the Second World War, was considered by the Allies as a chemical weapon.
The report also described how more than a million people along the south coast of England, from Torquay to the New Forest, were exposed to bacteria including e.coli and bacillus globigii, which mimics anthrax. These releases came from a military ship.

During ‘The Sabotage Trials’ between 1952 and 1964, similar ‘experiments’ were conducted. These were tests to determine the vulnerability of large government buildings and public transport to attack. In 1956, bacteria were released in the London Underground at lunchtime along the Northern Line between Colliers Wood and Tooting Broadway. The results show that the organism dispersed about 10 miles.

Other trials included attaching bacteria to spiders webs to determine how the germs would survive in different areas.

The MoD insisted these tests were safe -however a number of families in affected areas across the UK have come forward to state otherwise.

David Orman, an army officer from Bournemouth, is demanding a public inquiry. His wife, Janette, was born in East Lulworth in Dorset, close to where many of the trials took place. She had a miscarriage, then gave birth to a son with cerebral palsy. Janette’s three sisters, also born in the village while the tests were being carried out, have given birth to children with unexplained problems, as have a number of their neighbours.

As with many of these things, the claims were met with a wall of denial by local authorities and the government, in a similar way to the way the tests themselves were once denied.

The report also confirms the use of anthrax and other deadly germs on tests aboard ships in the Caribbean and off the Scottish coast during the 1950s.

In another round of tests, infamous anthrax experiments were conducted on Gruinard on the Scottish coast which left the island so contaminated it could not be inhabited until the late 1980s.

When asked whether the government were still using the public as their personal laboratory guinea pigs, an MoD spokeswoman reassuringly replied: “It is not our policy to discuss ongoing research”.

The government incidentally, has also denied the existence of the spraying of aluminum, barium and other toxic chemicals across the skies, despite eminent scientists recently admitting to it.

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