Natalie Allman was tortured for 7 hours by her brutal ex who she is now being forced to write to

Natalie Allman was tortured for 7 hours by her brutal ex who she is now being forced to write to

A mother who had her throat cut by her ex has been told by a judge she faces jail if she refuses to write to him in prison.

Natalie Allman, 29, was tortured for seven hours in front of their twin sons. She was also battered with dumbbells, suffocated, and had her throat cut with an army knife.
The attack happened after she left her partner Jason Hughes due to his excessive drinking.

He then went on to to attack Natalie at 3am and again at 6am, tying her up so she couldn’t escape.

Hughes refused to call an ambulance, but Natalie eventually managed to dial the emergency services herself.

In August 2012, Hughes was ­sentenced to nine years at Worcester Crown Court for malicious wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

After the court case, Natalie then went on to rebuild her life, with a new partner.

However, she later received a letter from Hughes’s lawyer saying he was applying for a Residence and Contact Order under Section 8 of the Children Act of 1989.

Although Hughes was entitled to legal aid, Natalie had tried to fight the order using her own money. However, he was granted the order and she has since been told that she is required to write him three letters a year and keep him updated on his children’s progress.

The order requires that the letters include “an update regarding the ­children’s general progress, both at nursery/school and socially, to include details of their health and emotional ­development”.

The letters must also include an “updated photograph of each child no smaller than 6 inches by 4 inches”.
Hughes, 42, is also allowed to send birthday cards, Christmas cards and a letter at the start of each school year.

Failure to comply with the order could result in Natalie being held in contempt of court and being sent to prison.Describing her ordeal, Natalie said: “He’d never been ­aggressive before, just controlling and he drank too much. We’d been separated a few weeks but he was still staying in the house until he found somewhere else.

“He found out that I was seeing someone else and the jealousy just sent him over the edge. I woke up in the middle of the night and he was kneeling over me, beating me repeatedly in the face.

“At first I thought he was punching me and then I realised he was using his weights.He was smashing them into my face over and over. There was blood everywhere but he didn’t stop.

“It was midnight and then the next thing I knew I was coming round and it was 3am. I don’t know whether I fell asleep or was knocked unconscious.”

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