The killing of innocent people of Syria has reached a new level.

The governments and terrorists organisations are not just happy about using sarin gas on millions of innocent civilians. Eyewitnesses have reported to family stuck in the Calais refugee camp that their close family is severely ill.

When questioned about how severely ill they were, one refugee recounted that whilst his sister-in-law was taking a shower, the authorities had tapped into the water supply in Damascus and connected it with deadly gas. As she turned on the shower she was asphyxiated and fortunately was found in time by another member of the family. She is currently in intensive care.

This is not the only disturbing report by refugees who have already fled this war zone. It seems that history is repeating itself to such a deadly effect that the world is being kept in the dark from the real atrocities that are currently taking place in Syria.

If the world was made aware then refugees would be made welcome. These people are not terrorists; they are just victims of government oppression and terrorism, which can be seen by many created several western governments.

This news story was researched and written by Kristina Howells who has interviewed some of the refugees personally at Calais.

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